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CRRC Changchun EMU (TML C-train)
EWL C-Train.jpg
An 8-car Tuen Ma line (Phase 1) train is under test run approaching Che Kung Temple station
EWL C -Train compartment 18-03-2017.jpg
Interior of the EWL C-train
In serviceMarch 12, 2017
ManufacturerCRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles
Built atChangchun, China
Entered service2017
Number built136 cars
Formation8 cars per trainset
Fleet numbersD397/D398, D401/D402 to D431/D432
CapacityC、K、M and P Stock:452 D Stock:430
Depot(s)Pat Heung
Tai Wai
Line(s) served     Tuen Ma line (Phase 1)
     West Rail line
Car body constructionStainless steel
Car lengthsee the corresponding table
Width3,100 mm (10 ft 2.05 in)
Height3,990 mm (13 ft 1.09 in) (without pantograph or air conditioner)
Platform height1,066.8 mm (3 ft 6.0 in)
Doors5 sets of 58 inch wide doors per side
Maximum speed130 km/h (81 mph) (Service) 160 km/h (99 mph) (design)
Traction systemIGBT-VVVF (Mitsubishi Electric)
Traction motorsWN WN-1608-A (Mitsubishi Electric)
Power output190 kW or 254.8 hp per motor
3,800 kW or 5,095.9 hp per trainset
Acceleration1.0 m/s2 (3.6 km/(h⋅s))
Deceleration1.0 m/s2 (3.6 km/(h⋅s)) (Service)
Power supplyAC-DC-AC
Electric system(s)25000 V AC overhead catenary
Current collection methodPantograph
Braking system(s)Regenerative and pneumatic
Safety system(s)SelTrac CBTC
Coupling systemTightlock coupling (end cars)
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

The MTR CRRC Changchun EMU (also known as TML C-train[1]) is a model of heavy rail electric multiple units of the Mass Transit Railway in Hong Kong. The 8-car sets are manufactured by Changchun Railway Vehicles for the future East West Corridor, to operate alongside extended SP1900 sets (1151) from the West Rail line. They are currently in service on the Tuen Ma line Phase 1 and West Rail line.


The front end of the train, alongside the older SP1900

The exterior appearance of the trains are similar to that of the SP1900, with the most notable differences being located at the cab ends. It is painted in the same livery as the S-trains on the South Island line, as well as the future Q-trains on the urban lines, both manufactured by the same company.

Its interior layout is essentially a facelifted version of the SP1900, including the new dynamic route map display above doorways. They are equipped with rows of 3 seats between each doorway rather than 4 seats on the SP1900; there are still 5 rows of 5 seats at the carriage ends. Another difference is that they are equipped with 22-inch LCD TVs instead of the 15-inch TVs on the SP1900. The electrical equipment and propulsion systems, though, are closer to that of the R-Trains for the upcoming North South Corridor.

The stock bid (number 1141A) was won by China CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Corporation Limited in December 2013, at a cost of $1,384,231,600 Hong Kong Dollars.[1][2] The first of this train set joined service on the Ma On Shan line in March 2017 and they will be run on the whole East West Corridor upon its opening in 2019.


1.^ EWL C-train means Tuen Ma Line China-made train


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