MTV Asia Awards 2002

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The MTV Asia Awards 2002 in Singapore hosted by Mandy Moore and Ronan Keating.

International awards[edit]

Favorite Pop Act[edit]

Favorite Rock Act[edit]

Favorite Video[edit]

Favorite Female Artist[edit]

Favorite Male Artist[edit]

Favorite Breakthrough Artist[edit]

Favorite Movie[edit]

Favorite Fashion Designer[edit]

Regional awards[edit]

Favorite Artist Mainland China[edit]

Favorite Artist Hong Kong[edit]

Favorite Artist Indonesia[edit]

Favorite Artist Korea[edit]

Favorite Artist Malaysia[edit]

Favorite Artist Philippines[edit]

Favorite Artist Singapore[edit]

Favorite Artist Thailand[edit]

Favorite Artist Taiwan[edit]

Special awards[edit]

The Inspiration Award[edit]

Most Influential Artist Award[edit]