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MTV Hits
MTV Hits logo 2013.png
Launched April 2007
1 December 2011
(New Zealand)
Closed 1 January 2014
Owned by MTV Networks Asia Pacific
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
Country New Zealand
Language English
Formerly called The Music Factory (prior to 1 November 2010)
Sister channel(s) MTV
MTV Classic
SKY TV Channel 110
Vodafone Channel 110
Igloo TV Channel 015
InHome TV Channel 110

MTV Hits is a New Zealand music channel that plays music videos 24 hours a day and is focused on viewer interaction. On 1 July 2011 MTV International channels launched new logos[1]



TMF Australia was soft-launched in April 2007 on the Optus Television pay TV service[2] and allowed viewers to interact with the channel via the web and mobile (3G Network) commencing on 22 June 2007. Unlike sister channel MTV, the channel only played music related programming. The channel was said to be picked up by cable TV providers Foxtel and Austar as a standalone channel soon, but was available via the interactive My MTV Service.[3][4][5]


  • Study Free Zone
  • Booty Beats
  • Daily Downloads
  • Top 6 at 6
  • Eye Candy
  • Snitch and Bitch
  • Fresh New Ones
  • TMF Top 20 Download
  • TMF X2
  • Top 20 Theme:
    • Top 20 Australian Charts
    • Top 20 Pop
    • Top 20 Rock
    • Top 20 Urban
  • Ultimate Top 100
  • Vidcast – Videos that are created by viewers on mobile phones and are aired on the show.[6]

Relaunch as MTV Hits[edit]

TMF was relaunched as MTV Hits on 1 November 2010.[5] The channel later launched in New Zealand on Sky Television on 1 December 2011.[7]

Cessation of Service in Australia[edit]

On 29 October 2013, MTV announced they had been working with Foxtel since early 2013 to offer more diversity on the Foxtel platform, as MTV Classic and MTV Hits fought for the same audience as Foxtel Networks channels MAX and [V] Hits respectively.[8] The channel to replace MTV Hits is MTV Music, the number one UK music channel, which will feature Pop, Rock, urban and alternative music.[8] Although MTV Classic and MTV Hits will no longer be available on Foxtel, they will continue to be offered by Australian IPTV service FetchTV and New Zealand pay TV provider Sky Television.[8][9] The changes took place on 3 December 2013.[10]

On 16 December 2013, FetchTV announced via their Facebook page that as of 1 January 2014, MTV Music would replace MTV Hits on their service, as was done by Foxtel the month earlier.[11] This meant that MTV Hits would become exclusively available in New Zealand.

MTV Hits Shows[edit]

  • My Pix – Music videos are played while viewers' answers to questions are shown
  • Today's Most Wanted – Music played as voted by viewers on the MTV website
  • U Control – Music chosen by a single viewer
  • Double Play – 2 songs, of a certain artist, back-to-back are played
  • MTV Hits Top 30 – The top 30 songs in the country
  • 30 Biggest Tracks Right Now – The top 30 songs in the country
  • 10 Biggest Tracks Right Now – The top 10 songs in the country
  • Fresh Vid – Newest video by a certain artist. The artist's name is also in the title, Fresh Vid: Reece Mastin, for example
  • Burst Of... – A few songs of a certain artist is played. The artist's name is also in the title, Burst Of...Timomatic, for example
  • Nothing But MTV Hits – Songs played at nighttime
  • Pop Hits Top 6 – The top 6 pop songs in the country
  • Party Hits – Party songs
  • MTV News – The news as told by MTV
  • Brekkie Hits – Songs played in the early hours
  • Urban Hits Top 6" – The top 6 urban songs in the country
  • ...vs..." – Songs are played by two different artists, One Direction vs. Justin Bieber, for example
  • MTV Download Charts – Songs played according to the download charts
  • #Hits - Music videos are played out while viewers' answer to questions posted on MTV Hits' Facebook and Twitter accounts.


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