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MTV K was an English-language online media hub under the MTV brand that focuses on Korean pop music for a global audience. Owned and operated by parent company Viacom Media Networks, MTV K is based out of New York City and provides original media content including music video playlists, live performances, editorial, and other exclusive content in multiple languages.

MTV K first launched in 2006 as a television channel on DirecTV and was reformatted to online content in 2010.

TV Channel[edit]

MTV K launched as a DirectTV premium channel that launched on June 27, 2006 as the newest brand under the MTV World banner after MTV Chi and MTV Desi (for Chinese and South Asian/Desi-Americans, respectively). It showcased the best of Korean pop culture while also providing a platform for Korean-American talent. The target audience primarily consisted of Korean-Americans, Asian-Americans and K-Pop lovers. Viewer-voted music video "My Name" by K-Pop sensation BoA was the first video content to air on the channel.

After going off the air on April 30, 2007, MTV K made the shift to exclusively online content in 2010, focusing on original K-Pop programming, music videos and editorial targeted for international fans of Korean pop music.

MTV K Presents... Live in NYC Live Events[edit]

MTV K has hosted several major K-Pop artists in the iconic MTV Times Square studio, including Rain, Se7en and YG Family, Wonder Girls, 2PM, 4Minute, Beast, and B.A.P. The shows are formatted in the TRL-style with live performances, MV clips, and audience interaction.

MTV K Presents B.A.P Live in NYC started the next generation of K-Pop consumption in the United States by providing a live stream of the three performances on during the event.

2013 Relaunch[edit]

In April 2013, MTV K announced that the site was planning a major revamp to bring more exclusive content than ever. A “brand new MTV K” is expected to available in late 2013.

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