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MTV Roadies
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Genre Reality
Presented by
No. of seasons 12
Original channel MTV India (2003–present)
Related shows Graveyard (2010-2011, 2013-present)
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MTV Roadies is a youth-based popular reality television show on MTV India. When asked about the show, executive producer said, "Roadies has travel, adventure, drama, touch of voyeurism...".[1]

Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman, the creators of Roadies, have left the show in 2014. They told the media that they wanted to give chance to the new generation to carry forward the show and they have done enough to popularise the show.


The auditions of this reality TV show were conducted by popular VJ's like Raghu Ram, Nikhil Chinapa and Rajiv Laxman. From 12th season onwards, the auditions are conducted by Rannvijay Singh, Vijender Singh, Karan Kundra and Esha Deol.

The applicants are first asked to fill out a form and then attend a Group Discussion (GD). The form consists of basic questions regarding the applicant and includes some questions like "Why do you want to be a Roadie?" and "What is the greatest regret of your life?" etc.

Moderators watch the performance of all the applicants in this GD and then they shortlist some people who are called on the next day for the Personal Interview round.

This personal interview takes place with some of the above-mentioned VJ's. And These interviews are known to be intense and try to bring out the true nature of the participant. These interviews often have abusive language and the interviewers don't like applicants who have lied on the application form. The interviewers always stress on not lying in the application form and showing who they really are, instead of portraying a false personality in front of them.


The fifth season was the first time when an "Advantage task" was introduced. The winner of the "Advantage task" gets some advantage in the vote out, which may multiple votes or being the only one(s) to vote. There are also some "Karizma Tasks" which can also be one of the other tasks. Due to lack of budget, the contestants were given Hero Impulse bikes instead of Hero Karizma and also the tradition of shooting few episodes abroad was also discontinued. But the seasons kept coming one after the other.

Series details[edit]

Season Network Host Contestants Winner Destination
1 MTV India Cyrus Sahukar 8 Rannvijay Singh India
2 Rannvijay Singh 10 Ayushmann Khurrana
3 13 Parul Shahi
4 Anthony Yeh
5 Ashutosh Kaushik India, Thailand, Malaysia
6 20 Nauman Sait India, Australia
7 15 Anwar Syed India, Kenya, Egypt
8 13 Aanchal Khurrana India, Brazil
9 Vikas Khoker India, United States
10 16 Palak Johal India
11 15 Nikhil Sachdeva
12 VJ Bani 22 Prince Narula India, Nepal


Quiz Test[edit]

Mostly Roadies episodes feature tests in which participants form teams of two, consisting of one male and one female contestant. The female contestants answer questions based on general knowledge and every wrong answer results in punishment of their male roadies teammate. This mental and physical challenge was adopted from Season 5 and used in subsequent seasons. In season 5 male roadies were stripped of a piece of their clothing every time their counterpart failed in answering their question. When a male contestant ended up fully nude, he was eliminated from the task. In season 6, one of the tasks resulted in the male roadies being spanked on their genitals with a wooden board. Audiences were taken aback when the male participants teared up with pain, realizing that the game was devolving to real torture. Season 8 also witnessed the notorious quiz test where male contestants were punished with their pubic hair being removed with hot wax before elimination from the task. Dev, a contestant on that season, refused to go through with the waxing, citing religious reasons. Critical of his decision to opt out, Dev was castigated by Raghu and Rannvijay at that episode's vote out. The two not only scolded Dev, but also made it clear to the remaining roadies that such a participant does not deserve a place in the competition.


Over a span of eight years of the show's run male nudity has been a prominent factor among the seasons. Season 4 witnessed a female contestant, Roopali Anand, break open the bathroom door while Raj Roy, a male contestant was showering. This became a regular sight in the season later on when Bani, Poonam and Roopali, tried to pull Anthoney's pants off. In season 5 a quiz test involved a male roadies stripping off their clothing for every incorrect answer their partner gave until they were fully nude meaning their ouster from the task. Season 8 also featured a task where the remaining male contestants had to stand fully naked in front of a large Brazilian audience while their portrait being painted out by the artist in the process. Suraj, a participant on the season, refused to strip down on national television and as a result was hurled abuses at during the episode's vote out.

Violence in Season 9[edit]

The ninth season opened with the tagline "Everything or Nothing" portraying to the audiences that the season was to go beyond limits. Raghu and Ranvijay were frequently seen stressing on the fact that the show will test roadies to the extent that they'll crumble down to pieces. Subsequently, this proved to be authentic in every way possible. Apart from the verbal abuses that flew in the auditions the first episode witnessed Raghu bashing almost all the roadies for their performance in the money task. Kanaka Raju was held up by his collar in an attempt to give him a lesson to stop controversial talks regarding the format of the show. This not only depicted bullying but also showed a clear sense of desperation telling that the producers want actual drama on the show rather than a review on the concept they created. Journey episode 2 involved an immunity task that required the male roadies to receive enemas, a procedure that was not only uncomfortable for the participants but, as it was shown on national television, humiliating as well. Indian articles about the show credited it as "a way for Raghu and Rajiv to take their frustration out, that is, via torturing [contestants]." Furthermore, Raghu was seen beating male contestants with a wooden stick as a punishment for losing a money task against an unofficial roadie, Hitesh Nagpal. Apart from the mental pressure inflicted upon the contestants to perform well on challenges, tasks which gave the impression of an "Army training camp" were a usual sight in the competition. These were not only tough to bear but also tiring to the extent of dehydration. Female roadies who were made to race across a field carrying loads on their back frequently fell to the ground in screams with muscle spasms. On the other hand, male roadies were forced to lay down on a bed of nails and simultaneously do crunches which resulted in blood oozing out of their back.


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