MTV Roadies (season 11)

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MTV Roadies
MTV Roadies X1 Logo.jpg
GenreReality show
JudgesRannvijay Singh[1]
Raghu Ram
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
Producer(s)Rannvijay Singh[1]
Production location(s)India
Original networkMTV India
Original releaseJanuary 25 (2014-01-25) –
May 18, 2014 (2014-05-18)
Preceded byMTV Roadies X
Followed byMTV Roadies X2
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MTV Roadies X1 : Ride for Respect is the eleventh season of Indian reality show MTV Roadies.[2] The show was hosted by Rannvijay Singh,[1][3] who was also one of the judges, along with Raghu Ram, during personal interview rounds. It started airing on MTV India from January 25, 2014.[4]

The series was won by Nikhil Sachdeva (also popularly known as Nick). He won the title on May 18, 2014. His grand price included a Hero Impulse bike and a total cash price of 320,000[5] which is the lowest cash winnings to be ever handed out to a winner over the span of eleven years of the series run.[6]


  • IndiaAuditions, Episode 1 – X, Finale

Roadies' Selection[edit]

Venue of Audition Roadies
Delhi Garima Ajay Rashika Montek Charu Nikhil Taru
Chandigarh Meher Utkarsh Anjali
Pune Rajkumar
Mumbai Siddharth Nikhat Rishie
Battleground Pallavi

Overall Count:


There are fourteen contestants selected from 4 cities.

Contestant Finish
Nikhil Sachdeva
Utkarsh Khanna
Chandigarh, Punjab
Meher Gill
Chandigarh, Punjab
Eliminated in Episode 4
Eliminated in Finale
Garima Bhateja
Eliminated in Finale
Ajay Sehrawat
Eliminated in Episode 10
Taru PK
Eliminated in Episode 10
Montek Verma
Eliminate in Episode 10
Rashika Singh
Eliminate in Episode 10
Charu Bakshi
Eliminated in Episode 8
Siddharth Krishna
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Eliminated in Episode 6

Eliminated in Episode 8

Pallavi Sharma
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Eliminated in Episode 6
Rajkumar Singh
Pune, Maharashtra
Eliminated in Episode 4
Nikhat Khan
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Eliminated in Episode 2
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Eliminated in Episode 2
Anjali Rangi
Chandigarh, Punjab
Eliminated in Episode 2

The Journey[edit]

Episode 1 - Jodhpur[edit]

Pairing Task

  • Results:
Order Constestant
Out 1st Montek
Out 2nd Utkarsh
Out 3rd Rishie
Out 4th Rajkumar
Out 5th Siddharth
Out 6th Ajay
Last standing Nikhil

Episode 2 - Jodhpur[edit]

  • Results:
Place Pair
1st Rajkumar & Taru
2nd Utkarsh & Pallavi
3rd Nikhil & Garima
4th Ajay & Charu
5th Montek & Rashika
6th Siddharth & Meher
7th Rishie & Nikhat
  • Sent to the elimination challenge: Siddharth & Meher and Rishie & Nikhat
  • Eliminated: Rishie & Nikhat

Episode 3 - Jodhpur ➔ Jaisalmer[edit]

Money Task

  • Results:
Marbles Pair Money
14 Siddharth & Meher 28,000
11 Utkarsh & Charu 22,000
8 Ajay & Taru 16,000
8 Montek & Rashika 16,000
7 Nikhil & Garima 14,000
6 Rajkumar & Pallavi 12,000
Total : 1,08,000
  • Results:
Order Constestant
1st Charu
2nd Taru
3rd Rashika
4th Pallavi
Quit 2nd Meher
Quit 1st Garima

Episode 4 - Jaisalmer[edit]

  • Results:
Place Pair Final time
1 Montek & Garima 1m 25s 50ms
2 Utkarsh & Pallavi 1m 24s 23ms
3 Ajay & Taru 1m 23s 59ms
4 Siddharth & Charu 1m 15 s 97ms
5 Nikhil & Rashika 1m 11s 75ms
6 Rajkumar & Meher 20s 56ms
  • Sent to the elimination challenge: Rajkumar & Meher and Nikhil & Rashika
  • Eliminated: Rajkumar & Meher

Episode 5 - Jaisalmer ➔ Barmer[edit]

Money Task

  • Results:
Asana technique Female contestant Completion Male contestant Completion Money
Dhanurasana Garima Red XN Ajay Green tickY 20,000
Halasana Pallavi Green tickY Utkarsh Green tickY 40,000
Gomukhasana Rashika Green tickY Nikhil Green tickY 40,000
Natarajasana Charu Red XN Siddharth Red XN 0
Tulasana Taru Green tickY Montek Green tickY 40,000
Total : 1,40,000

Episode 6 - Barmer[edit]

Pairing Task

  • Results:
Order Constestant
1st Taru
2nd Rashika
3rd Charu
Disqualified 2nd Garima
Disqualified 1st Pallavi
  • Sent to the elimination challenge: Siddharth & Pallavi and Nikhil & Charu
  • Eliminated: Siddharth & Pallavi

Episode 7 - Barmer ➔ Rajasthan[edit]

Eliminated roadies return

Wild card Task - quiz

  • Results:
Result Pair Score
Winner Charu & Meher 4
Eliminated Garima & Pallavi 1
Eliminated Rashika & Anjali 1
Eliminated Taru & Nikhat 0

Episode 8 - Mehsana , Gujarat[edit]

Wild card Task

  • Results:
Result Pair
Winner Siddharth & Montek
Eliminated Rajkumar & Utkarsh
Eliminated Rishie & Ajay

Immunity Task

  • Results:
Place Pair
1st Utkarsh & Taru
2nd Ajay & Meher
3rd Montek & Garima
Bottom 2 Siddharth & Charu
Bottom 2 Nikhil & Rashika
  • Sent to the elimination challenge: Siddharth & Charu and Nikhil & Rashika
  • Eliminated: Siddharth & Charu

Elimination chart[edit]

11 2 2 3 4 2 52 Finale
Nikhil 3rd Endangered
by Rajkumar & Meher
by Charu
Bottom 2 1st Won Battle Winner
Utkarsh 2nd Saved
by default
by default
1st 2nd Won Battle Runner-up
Meher 6th Last place Eliminated 2nd 2nd Lost Battle Eliminated
Garima 3rd Won Task Saved
by default
3rd 1st Lost Battle Eliminated
Taru 1st Saved
by Montek & Garima
Won Task 1st 3rd Eliminated
Ajay 4th Saved
by Montek & Garima
by default
2nd 3rd Eliminated
Montek 5th Won Task Saved
by default
3rd 4th Eliminated
Rashika 5th Endangered
by Rajkumar & Meher
by default
Bottom 2 4th Eliminated
Charu 4th Saved
by default
by Pallavi
Bottom 2 Eliminated
Siddharth 6th Saved
by default
by Pallavi
Bottom 2 Eliminated
Pallavi 2nd Saved
by default
Last place Eliminated
Rajkumar 1st Last place Eliminated
Nikhat 7th Eliminated
Rishie 7th Eliminated
Anjali Eliminated
Returned none Meher none
Eliminated Anjali Rajkumar & Meher Siddharth & Pallavi Siddharth & Charu Montek & Rashika Meher & Garima Utkarsh
Rishie & Nikhat Ajay & Taru
The colors are used to denote the pairs. They are not necessarily associated to a certain pair.
     Made immune to elimination on the basis of performance in immunity task.
     Sent directly to 'Walk The Talk' challenge on the basis of performance in immunity task.
     Nominated to battle opponent(s) in 'Walk The Talk' challenge where the loser is ousted from the show.
     Directly eliminated as a consequence of losing a task.
  1. ^ Out of the seven chosen girls from the auditions and one from battleground the boys had to choose a partner to make a pair. With seven girls being chosen out of eight Anjali being left out was eliminated and newcomer Pallavi secured a spot in the competition.
  2. ^ Pairings were revised in Episode 4, 7 and 9.


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