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The following is a list of MTV Video Music Awards winners for Best Editing in a Video. The award's biggest winners overall are editors Jarrett Fijal and Ken Mowe with three wins apiece. Right behind them there is a total of nine artists and professionals who have won this award twice: On the side of the artists, six have won two Moonmen for Editing: Peter Gabriel, R.E.M., Madonna, The White Stripes, Gnarls Barkley, and Beyoncé. In addition, three editors have won the award twice: Jim Haygood, Eric Zumbrunnen, and Robert Duffy.

In terms of nominations, Robert Duffy and Jarrett Fijal are the most nominated individuals in the award's history, each receiving a total of seven nominations. Closely following him is fellow editor Jim Haygood, with six. For the artists, on the other hand, Beyoncé is the biggest nominee, achieving her fifth nomination in 2015. Closely following her are R.E.M., U2, Kanye West, and Eminem, all of whom are tied with four nominations.


Year Winner Other nominees
1984 Herbie Hancock — "Rockit"
(Editors: Roo Aiken and Godley & Creme)
1985 Art of Noise — "Close (to the Edit)"
(Editor: Zbigniew Rybczyński)
1986 a-ha — "The Sun Always Shines on T.V."
(Editor: David Yardley)
1987 Peter Gabriel — "Sledgehammer"
(Editor: Colin Green)
1988 INXS — "Need You Tonight/Mediate"
(Editor: Richard Lowenstein)
1989 Paula Abdul — "Straight Up"
(Editor: Jim Haygood)
1990 Madonna — "Vogue"
(Editor: Jim Haygood)
1991 R.E.M. — "Losing My Religion"
(Editor: Robert Duffy)
1992 Van Halen — "Right Now"
(Editor: Mitchell Sinoway)
1993 Peter Gabriel — "Steam"
(Editor: Douglas Jines)
1994 R.E.M. — "Everybody Hurts"
(Editor: Pat Sheffield)
1995 Weezer — "Buddy Holly"
(Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen)
1996 Alanis Morissette — "Ironic"
(Editor: Scott Gray)
1997 Beck — "Devils Haircut"
(Editor: Hank Corwin)
1998 Madonna — "Ray of Light"
(Editor: Jonas Åkerlund)
1999 Korn — "Freak on a Leash"
(Editors: Haines Hall and Michael Sachs)
2000 Aimee Mann — "Save Me"
(Editor: Dylan Tichenor)
2001 Fatboy Slim — "Weapon of Choice"
(Editor: Eric Zumbrunnen)
2002 The White Stripes — "Fell in Love with a Girl"
(Editors: Mikros and Duran)
2003 The White Stripes — "Seven Nation Army"
(Editor: Olivier Gajan)
2004 Jay-Z — "99 Problems"
(Editor: Robert Duffy)
2005 Green Day — "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
(Editor: Tim Royes)
2006 Gnarls Barkley — "Crazy"
(Editor: Ken Mowe)
2007 Gnarls Barkley — "Smiley Faces"
(Editor: Ken Mowe)
2008 Death Cab for Cutie — "I Will Possess Your Heart"
(Editors: Aaron Stewart-Ahn and Jeff Buchanan)
2009 Beyoncé — "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)"
(Editor: Jarrett Fijal)
2010 Lady Gaga — "Bad Romance"
(Editor: Jarrett Fijal)
2011 Adele — "Rolling in the Deep"
(Editor: Art Jones at Work)
2012 Beyoncé — "Countdown"
(Editors: Alexander Hammer and Jeremiah Shuff)
2013 Justin Timberlake — "Mirrors"
(Editors: Jarrett Fijal at Bonch LA)
2014 Eminem — "Rap God"
(Editor: Ken Mowe)
2015 TBD