MTV World Design Studio

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MTV World Design Studio
Founded 2009
Headquarters Milan, Italy
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Parent Viacom

MTV World Design Studio is an International creative unit of MTV based in Stockholm (as of 2014, previous located in Milano) and Buenos Aires - working to create a unique style for the MTV brand on more than 150 countries over 6 continents.


MTV World Design Studio Stockholm productions focus on channel branding (channel identities, brands, logos, show packages, etc.), MTV World Design Studio Buenos Aires focuses on promos.

MTV World Design Studio Stockholm[edit]

The MTV World Design Studio is a multidisciplinary studio based in Milan that provides exclusive creative direction for the MTV International Network as well as other brands inside the Viacom group.

Collaborating with the best practitioners around the globe, the World Design Studio works on the creative thinking and the execution of channel identities, brands, logos and show packages for all MTV International initiatives.