MTW's Saturday Afternoon Classic Rock Show

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MTW's Saturday Afternoon Classic Rock Show
Running time 1 hour
Country of origin Ireland
Language(s) English
Home station 103.2 Dublin City FM
Hosted by Mik The Who
Recording studio East Wall Road, Dublin
Original release April 2007 – present
Audio format Music
Opening theme Take It Off The Top - Dixie Dregs
Ending theme Theme 1 - Van Der Graff Generator
Website MTW's Myspace

Mik The Who's Saturday Afternoon Classic Rock Show is hosted by famous Dublin Rock Fan and Musician Mik The Who nicknamed as such due to his globe travelling support and devotion to his favourite Rock Heroes The Who since the late 60'.Although The Who opened the door for Mik's love of the guitar and rock music he has a passionate interest and love for all the other local and international rock groups,musicians, and artists who provided the soundtrack to his life growing up in Dublin in the 70's.

Mik was asked in early 2007 to bring his personal collection of classic rock to the airwaves on 103.2 Dublin City FM for a one-hour show which goes out between 3pm and 4pm on Saturdays and has built up a dedicated following of listerners in his home town of Dublin and listeners abroad who tune in online at The format of the show is based around a theme each week which is featured in the title or lyrics of the songs on the playlist and three tracks from a classic rock album of the week and additional to that Mik The Who's words of wisdom and thoughts that are exquisitely woven into the presentation to complement and help him articulate his joy and passion for the inexpressible quintessence of musical memories engraved in those innermost waves of life.

MTW has an absorbing passion for all things music related from updating his personal collection in the record stores of Dublin's fair city, supporting live music events at home and abroad and expanding his awareness, understanding and enjoyment by meeting and greeting musicians with polite and respectful acknowledgement their presence and music has added value to life.

Mik The Who strongly believes that the creativity in an artist that touches the lives of others comes from a healthy place and has openly spent his life respecting and paying homage to the talented people he has so far met on that journey over the years that has taken him from his interest in rock and pop guitar music into an ever expanding musical journey that embraces rock, blues, folk, traditional, world and classical music constantly discovering that God's of words and sound have walked among us and hoping he will have at least 900 years on the planet to soak it all up.

He believes you can do what you want and do everything you want to do but not at the same time, so each new year unfolds new delights in terms of music,inspirational artists and concert events to add fuel to his appetite for a healthy diet of musical enjoyment. -

The playlists for each show to date are listed below on MTW's MySpace page

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Mik The Who's Playlist is posted on his self-titled Facebook page shortly after the show finishes each week.