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MU, Mu or µ may refer to:

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  • Mu (letter), Μ or μ, a letter in the Greek alphabet
  • Mu (kana), む or ム, a Japanese kana
  • Groupe µ, an interdisciplinary Belgian group focusing on linguistics and rhetoric


  • Mu River, a river in Burma (Myanmar)
  • Mu River (Hokkaidō), a river in Japan
  • Mù, a village in the Edolo municipality of Italy
  • Mauritius (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code MU)
    • .mu, the country code top-level domain for Mauritius

Mythical places[edit]


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Names and people[edit]

  • Mu (surname) (穆, 牧, 慕, 木, 母, 目, 沐, 睦 and 暮), Chinese surnames
  • Mu family, a powerful Chinese family from the 14th to the 18th century
  • Mu of Baekje (580–641), king of Baekje
  • Mu of Balhae (died 737), king of Balhae from 718 to 737
  • Marquis Mu of Cai, ruler of the state of Cai from 675 to 646 BC
  • King Mu of Chu (died 614 BC), king of the state of Chu from 625 to 614 BC
  • Emperor Mu of Jin (343–361), emperor of the Eastern Jin Dynasty
  • Marquis Mu of Jin (died 812 BC), ruler of the state of Jin from c. 798 to 776 BC
  • King Mu of Zhou (died 922 BC), king of the state of Zhou from c. 976 to 922 BC
  • Mu Dan (1918–1977), Chinese poet and translator

Religion and philosophy[edit]

Science, technology, and mathematics[edit]

Biology and medicine[edit]

  • Mu phage, a bacteriophage of the Myoviridae family of double-stranded DNA non-enveloped contractile tail bacterial viruses
  • Centimorgan, or "map unit", a unit of recombinant frequency in genetics
  • Monitor unit (MU), a measure of absorbed dose from a linear accelerator in radiation therapy = 0.001 Gray


  • Chemical potential, a form of potential energy that can be absorbed or released during a chemical reaction
  • Bridging ligand, an atom that connects two or more metal centers in a complex (molecule)





Other uses in science and technology[edit]

  • Mu (rocket family), a Japanese rocket family launched between 1966 and 2006
  • Multiple unit, self-propelled train carriages capable of coupling with other units of similar type

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