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MUltifunctional Self protection System (MUSS, German: Multifunktionales Selbstschutz-System) is a softkill active protection system developed to protect military vehicles against guided anti-tank missiles.[1]


MUSS was developed by EADS, Buck (a Rheinmetall subsidiary) and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW). Before September 2003, it was tested on a Leopard 2 tank by the German Bundesamt für Wehrtechnik und Beschaffung.[1]

The new German Puma infantry fighting vehicle will be equipped with MUSS, after EADS was awarded a contract in 2006.[2]

In July 2016, the UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory placed a £7.6 million contract with QinetiQ to evaluate the MUSS system for armoured vehicles, particularly the Challenger 2.[3]


Front and left MUSS sensors on Puma turret.

MUSS consists of three main elements: the sensors, consisting of laser warner and a missile warner using ultraviolet sensors, the computer, and the electronic or pyrotechnic countermeasures.[2] When the sensors detect an incoming missile or a laser beam aimed at the vehicle, the computer activates the countermeasures. MUSS offers 360° protection with elevation up to 70° and can handle up to four threats at once.[2]

The whole system has a weight of 65 to 160 kg.[4]


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