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San Juan. Radisson Diamond cruise ship. Puerto Rico (2749200365).jpg
Radisson Diamond in 2004
  • Asia Star (2005–2012)
  • Omar Star (2005)
  • Radisson Diamond (1992–2005)
  • China Cruises
  • Conning Shipping (manager)[1]
Port of registry:
Builder: Rauma Finnyards (now STX Finland Cruise Oy),  Finland
Launched: 20 June 1991[3]
Maiden voyage: 5 July 1992[3]
Status: In service[1]
General characteristics
Type: SWATH cruise ship
Tonnage: 20,295 GT[1]
Length: 131.2 metres (430 ft)
Beam: 31.96 metres (104.9 ft)
Draught: 7.6 metres (25 ft)
Decks: 12[4]
Installed power: Wärtsilä engines
Speed: 14.15 knots (26.21 km/h; 16.28 mph)[3] or 12.5 knots (23.2 km/h; 14.4 mph)[5]
Capacity: 354 passengers in 177 cabins[6] or 172 cabins[7]
Crew: 150[5] / 200[8]

MV China Star (中华之星) is the world's largest ship with a SWATH design,[8] and the only twin-hull cruise ship ever built.[7] It has operated in Hong Kong as the gambling ship Asia Star for Asia Cruises.[6] This 350-person all balcony luxury cruise ship was the largest SWATH ship in the world when it was built, displacing more than 11,500 tons when originally known as the Radisson Diamond and built in Finland.

In June 2011,[6] the ship was purchased for $45M by China Cruises Company Limited, the deal being led by Chinese millionaire entrepreneur Huang Weijian,[7] CEO of CCCL.[9] Another $20M was spent refurbishing her.[9] Operation started on March 9, 2012, as the first ship of the new CCCL luxury cruise line.[4]



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