MV Asian Glory

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Name: Asian Glory
Operator: Zodiac Maritime Agencies Ltd.
Port of registry: United Kingdom
Completed: 1994
Identification:IMO number9070474

Hijacked 2 January 2010

Released 11 June 2010
General characteristics
Class and type: automobile transporter

MV Asian Glory is a UK flagged automobile transport ship.


On 2 January 2010 the Asian Glory was hijacked by pirates 1,000 km off the Horn of Africa.[1][2]

The pirates used a Pakistani vessel, FV Shahzaib, to hijack Asian Glory; however, they later freed the Pakistani vessel and its 29 crew on board.[3]

Although it is registered in the United Kingdom, no British citizens were on board the South Korean operated ship.[4]

Vessel released June 11, 2010.[5]


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