MV Cory Chouest

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MV Cory Chouest.jpg
MV Cory Chouest
Union Navy Jack United States
Name: Cory Chouest
Owner: Edison Chouest Offshore
Builder: not known
Acquired: leased for 5 years by the U.S. Navy, date unknown
In service: as MV Cory Chouest in 1989
Fate: Returned to Louisiana for redelivery to the owners
General characteristics
Type: ocean surveillance ship
Tons burthen: 5,348 tons
Length: 265'
Beam: 60'
Draft: 14'
Propulsion: two diesels, two shafts, 4,000bhp
Speed: 11 knots
Complement: 16 civilian mariners, 41 military and sponsors
Sensors and
processing systems:
both passive and active low frequency sonar arrays
Armament: none

MV Cory Chouest is an ocean surveillance ship leased by the U.S. Navy in 1989 and assigned to the Navy’s Special Missions Program. Cory Choquest had all SURTASS equipment removed and was returned to her original owners in 2008 completing nearly 20 years of service.[1]


Cory Chouest was acquired and modified by Edison Chouest Offshore for use by the U.S. Navy as a modified TAGOS vessel. Originally used as a research platform in conjunction with the Amy Chouest, the Cory was later modified to carry an active and passive sonar system. The vessel served until October 2008 when it went off charter.


The mission of Cory Chouest is to directly support the Navy by using both passive and active low frequency sonar arrays to detect and track undersea threats.

Operational history[edit]

There is no current operational history on Cory Chouest.

Honors and awards[edit]

Cory Chouest personnel are qualified for the following medals:

  • None currently noted.


There is no journal entry on Cory Chouest at DANFS.


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