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MV Doulos 2004 at Southampton.jpg
The Doulos at Southampton, England in 2004.
United States
Name: SS Medina[1]

Mallory Steamship Company (1914–1932)

Clyde-Mallory Line (1932–1948)[2]
Ordered: 28 August 1913[3]
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company[1]
Yard number: 176[1]
Laid down: 21 January 1914
Launched: 22 August 1914[3]
Sponsored by: Frances Stuart Semmes
Christened: 22 August 1914
Acquired: 29 September 1914[1]
Commissioned: 29 September 1914[3]
Fate: Transferred to Cia Naviera San Miguel SA, 1948[3]
Name: SS Roma[3]
Operator: Cia Naviera San Miguel SA[3]
Acquired: 1948[3]
Fate: Transferred to Costa Lines, 1953[3]
Name: MS Franca C[3]
Operator: Costa Lines[3]
Port of registry: Genoa,  Italy[3]
Acquired: 1953[3]
Fate: Transferred to Gute Bücher für Alle, 1977[3]
Name: MV Doulos[3]
Operator: Gute Bücher für Alle[3]
Port of registry: Valletta,  Malta[3]
Acquired: 1977[3]
Fate: Transferred to BizNaz Resources International Pte Ltd, 2010[3]
Notes: Her name means "Servant" in Greek.
Name: MV Doulos Phos[3]
Operator: BizNaz Resources International Pte Ltd[3]
Port of registry: Valletta,  Malta[3]
Acquired: 2010[3]
Fate: Hotel Ship[3]
Notes: Her name means "Servant Light" in Greek.
General characteristics (as built)
Tonnage: 5,426 GRT
Length: 410 feet
Beam: 54 feet
Height: 54 feet
Draught: 18.2 feet
Installed power:

Single triple-expansion engine, 4 coal-fired boilers, 4,100 hp shaft power[4]

(Converted to oil 1922)
Speed: 14 knots
General characteristics (1949 onwards)
  • 6,822 GRT (1960)
  • 6,549 GRT (1984)
  • 6,818 GRT (2009)
Speed: 15 knots
Capacity: 414
Crew: 350

The ship currently known as the Doulos Phos, The Ship Hotel [6] held the record of being the world's oldest active ocean-faring passenger ship until December 2009, having travelled the world's oceans from the time of her building in 1914 until being retired from cruising service at the end of 2009. She is now owned by Eric Saw, director and chief executive of BizNaz Resources International Pte Ltd in Singapore.[7] She was previously operated by the German charity Gute Bücher für Alle (Good Books for All), and was used as a floating bookshop. The ship has previously been known as the SS Medina, the SS Roma, the MS Franca C, and the MV Doulos. The Doulos ended her final cruise in late 2009 at Singapore, with the ship being handed over to her new owners on 18 March 2010. The ship's conversion into a luxury hotel was still ongoing during 2017[8]and 2018.[6]

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Hotel conversion[edit]

Early concept rendering of Doulos Phos as a luxury hotel.

In February 2016 the ship was officially renamed Doulos Phos, The Ship Hotel and began conversion into a luxury hotel.[22] The conversion is expected to retain the ship's bridge and engine room as part of the Maritime Heritage Museum.[23] Decks A and B will be used as the hotel. Two restaurants capable of seating 250 people each will be located on the Promenade deck (where her dining room originally was) and the boat deck. Other future amenities include a deli, café, wine and juice bars, a bookshop, banquet hall, meeting rooms, and a bible school. An amphitheater seating up to 70 people has been proposed.[24] Originally scheduled to open in late 2016, workers and heavy equipment were still on the site in November 2017.[25] As of January 2019 a Bintan tourism site listed the Doulos Phos as a hotel "coming soon".[6]

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