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White Horse Ferry company, Great Expectations
Great Expectations C.D.
Name: 1992 onwards: Great Expectations C.D.
Operator: 1992 onwards: White Horse Ferries
Port of registry: 1992 onwards: London,  United Kingdom
Launched: 1992
Status: In service
General characteristics
Length: 21 metres (69 ft)[1]
Beam: 4 metres (13 ft)

MV Great Expectations is a catamaran ferry operating on the Hythe ferry service. This service connects the town of Hythe and the city of Southampton, across Southampton Water in England.[2]

MV Great Expectations was originally introduced in 1992 and was originally used on the Gravesend to Tilbury ferry service across the River Thames in Kent, which was at that time operated by White Horse Ferries Ltd. She is named after the Charles Dickens novel, Great Expectations, in which the countryside of Kent and the marshes on the lower regions of the Thames feature heavily.[3]

In 1995, White Horse moved Great Expectations from the Thames to be the front-line vessel on their Hythe service.[2][3]

In 2008, White Horse Ferries spent £50,000 on upgrading the then 16-year-old Great Expectations, including improvements to her main driveshafts.[4]

In 2012, Great Expectations received a new green and white with a black hull livery.

On 21 April 2017 MV Great Expectations was purchased by Blue Funnel Group as part of a takeover of Hythe ferry service.[5][6]


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