MV Kuzma Minin

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Name: Kuzma Minin
Operator: Murmansk Shipping Company
Port of registry: Murmansk, Russia
Builder: Nordic Yards Warnemunde
Completed: 1980
General characteristics
Type: Single Decker
Tonnage: 16257 tonnes
Length: 120.93 metres (396.8 ft)
Beam: 22.89 metres (75.1 ft)
Draught: 6.7 metres (22 ft)
Decks: 1
Speed: 10.5 kn

Kuzma Minin (Russian: Кузьма́ Ми́нин) is a bulk carrier, registered in Murmansk, Russia. The bulk carrier delivers cargo around northern Europe, and visits ports such as Arkhangelsk, Gdańsk, Riga and Port Talbot. The name is given to commemorate Kuzma Minin, a hero of Russian resistance during the Time of Troubles.


The single deck ship was built in 1980 by Nordic Yards Warnemunde of Rostock, Germany, and measures 180.5 metres (592 ft) by 22.89 metres (75.1 ft) with a gross tonnage of 16,257 tonnes.[1] The ship is registered in Murmansk and is operated by the Murmansk Shipping Company.[2]


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