MV Nottingham (1941)

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Name: MV Nottingham (1941)
Owner: 1941: New Zealand Shipping Company
Operator: 1941: New Zealand Shipping Company
Port of registry: New Zealand
Builder: Alexander Stephen and Sons
Yard number: 576
Launched: 12 August 1941
Out of service: 7 November 1941
Fate: Torpedoed and sunk
General characteristics
Type: Diesel
Tonnage: 8,532 GT
Length: 457.5 ft (139.4 m)
Beam: 60.3 ft (18.4 m)
Draught: 35.6 ft (10.9 m)
Speed: 15 Knots

MV Nottingham (1941) was a passenger and cargo vessel operated by the New Zealand Shipping Company in 1941.

In service[edit]

She was spotted by the German submarine U-74 on 7 November 1941. Nottingham tried to ram the U-boat but the attack was unsuccessful and the ship was torpedoed and sunk[1]

It was her first voyage from Glasgow to New York. There were no survivors. She was carrying a cargo of Scotch Whisky.[2]


The persons lost are commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, panel 74.

  • Lionel Bain, Second Engineer Officer, Age 38. Son of Alexander and Marie Bain, of Huntly, Aberdeenshire.
  • Frederick George Barber, Greaser, Age 25. Son of Samuel John and Susan A. Barber, of Plaistow, Essex.
  • Donald James Bolton, Able Seaman, Age 20.
  • James Montague Bullock, Third Engineer Officer, Age 53.
  • Harry Kingsley Cockerill, Chief Officer, Age 37. Son of Henry Robert and Ethel M. Cockerill; husband of Mary Kathleen Cockerill, of Beverley Glen, West Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
  • Bernard Conlin, Greaser, Age 32.
  • Arthur Algernon Cooper, Master, Age 46. Son of Algernon and Florence Emily Vaughan Cooper; husband of Ida Mary Cooper, of Lancing, Sussex.
  • Charles Crawford, Second Refrigerator Engineer, Age 20. Son of Frederick J. A. and Ethel Crawford, of St. Just in Penwith, Cornwall.
  • Arthur Edward Cross, Steward, Age 48. Son of George Henry and Annie Elizabeth Cross; husband of May Elizabeth Cross, of Bexleyheath, Kent.
  • Jeffrey Hewison Dance, First Radio Officer, Age 26.
  • Arthur Ernest Day, Electrician, Age 20. Son of Mrs. M. Day, of Dagenham, Essex.
  • Douglas Charles Fake, Able Seaman, Age 21. Son of Albert Charles and Amy Cecelia Fake.
  • Ernest Fallone, Fifth Engineer Officer, Age 30.
  • Douglas Ferguson, Chief Engineer Officer, Age 52. Son of George and Margaret Ferguson; husband of Ethel Ferguson, of South Woodford, Essex.
  • Joseph Fletcher, Second Radio Officer, Age 24. Son of Joseph and Margaret Fletcher, of Liverpool.
  • Frank Henry George Fowler, Greaser, Age 23. Son of Edwin Charles Daniel and Gertrude Beatrice Fowler.
  • Philip Galbraith, Chief Refrigerator Engineer, Age 39.
  • Hubert Alfred Green, Assistant Steward, Age 30. Son of Alfred and Mary A. Green, of Green Street Green, Farnborough, Kent.
  • Harold James Green, Deck Boy, Age 17. Son of James and Winnifred Irene Rose Green, of East Ham, Essex.
  • William Gregory, Greaser, Age 29.
  • James Michael Hanlon, Third Officer, Age 26. Son of James and Florence Emily Hanlon, of Sutton, Surrey
  • Thomas Frederick Hardy, Ordinary Seaman, Age 21.
  • William Arthur Hatton, Ordinary Seaman, Age 18. Son of Charles and Emily Johanna Hatton, of Forest Gate, Essex.
  • Herbert James Haydon, Able Seaman, Age 35.
  • Frederick Nolan Heath, Able Seaman, Age 25. Son of Charles Henry and Florence Amy Mary Heath; husband of Magdeline Catherine Heath, of Peckham, London.
  • Henry W Hosford, Greaser, Age 36. Son of Eliza Hosford, of Stratford, Essex.
  • Wilfred Edward Jones, Assistant Steward, Age 21.
  • Harold William Kimber, Able Seaman, Age 21. Son of Violet Kimber, of Thornton Heath, Croydon, Surrey.
  • William Letchford, Steward, Age 24. Son of William George and Lillian Letchford; husband of R. F. Letchford, of Upper Holloway, London.
  • Edward John Long, Greaser, Age 26. Son of William John and Mary Long, of Plaistow, Essex.
  • George Lothian, Galley Boy, Age 17. Son of Thomas and Mary J. Lothian.
  • Thomas Malcolm, Fourth Engineer Officer, Age 31.
  • William Charles Metherell, Boatswain, Age 50.
  • Frank Leslie Mitchell, Ordinary Seaman, Age 18. Son of Harold Frederick and Lilian Alice Mitchell, of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.
  • William Morgan, Carpenter, Age 37. Husband of Elizabeth Morgan, of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland.
  • William Bruce McKenzie, First Electrician, Age 27. Son of William and Christina McKenzie, of Edinburgh.
  • Maurice Brian O'Keeffe, Assistant Steward, Age 18. Son of Maurice and Lillian O'Keeffe, of Canning Town, Essex.
  • Leslie Edward Parrish, Greaser, Age 32. Son of Edith Eleanor Parrish, of Manor Park, Essex.
  • James Ian Paterson, Second Officer, Age 24. Son of Capt. James Paterson, M.C., Scots Guards, and of Jessie Paterson, of Edinburgh
  • William Mackey Pendleton, Engineer Officer (Seventh), Age 21. Son of William and Lilian Eleanor Pendleton, of Liverpool.
  • Laurence George Pieretti, Baker, Age 25.
  • Francis Cecil Pretty OBE, DSC, Master, Age 51. Son of Edward and Helen Jane Pretty; husband of Myra Hoggett Pretty, of West Tarring, Sussex.
  • Kim Woolmer Blake Prior, Fourth Officer, Age 23. Son of Dudley Blake Prior and Gill Blake Prior; husband of Agnes Cowan Prior, of Victoria, London.
  • Frederick Riches, Ordinary Seaman, Age 32. Son of Frederick and Rosina Riches; husband of Joan Riches, of Hornsey, Middlesex.
  • Robert Lewis Rowlands, Able Seaman, Age 22. Son of Deck Hand Robert Rowlands, Naval Auxiliary Personnel (M.N), died on active service 22 July 1940, and Ellen Rowlands, of Holyhead, Anglesey.
  • Charles John Savill, Ordinary Seaman, Age 19.
  • Henry William Shaltz, Assistant Cook, Age 20. Son of Alice Ada Shaltz, of Plaistow, Essex.
  • George Simpson, Steward's Boy, Age 16. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Simpson, of Dumfries.
  • John Rose Thornton Sinclair, Engineer Officer (Sixth), Age 27. Son of Robert and Frances Mary Sinclair, of Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand; husband of Joan Sinclair (née Gravers), of Roslyn, Otago, New Zealand.
  • William Charles Smith, Greaser, Age 26. Husband of Ann Smith, of Forest Gate, Essex.
  • Edward Somers, Able Seaman, Age 35. Son of Patrick and Margaret Somers; husband of Josephine Anne Somers, of Bristol.
  • Henry Joseph Lawrence Stevens, Sailor, Age 25. Son of Henry Richard Sansora Stevens and Mary Ann May Stevens, of West Cowes, Isle of Wight.
  • Stanley William Todd, Third Radio Officer, Age 21. Son of James Stanley Todd and Rose Pauline Todd, of Southwater, Sussex.
  • Alexander Frank Tree, Storekeeper, Age 39.
  • Duncan Campbell Tyre, Junior Engineer Officer, Age 27. Son of James and Mary Campbell Tyre.
  • Harry Edward Williams, Chief Cook, Age 30. Son of James and Ellen Williams; husband of Ida F. Williams, of Barking, Essex.
  • Cyril John Skinner, Able Seaman, Age 21. Son of Richard Alfred Skinner and Emily Jane Skinner, of Ledbury, Herefordshire.


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