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Name: Prestige
Owner: Mare Shipping Inc.[1]
Port of registry: Nassau,  Bahamas[1]
Route: Riga - Gibraltar - Singapore
Builder: Hitachi Shipbuilding and Engineering Co.[1]
Completed: 1976
Fate: Wrecked 19 November 2002
General characteristics
Class and type: Aframax single-hulled oil tanker
Tonnage: 42820 GT[1]
Length: 243 m (797 ft)[1]
Beam: 34.4 m (113 ft)[1]
Draft: 14 m (46 ft)[1]
Depth: 18.7 m (61 ft)[1]
Speed: 15.4 knots (28.5 km/h; 17.7 mph)[1]
Crew: 27

MV Prestige was an oil tanker owned by a Greek company based in Liberia and operating under a Bahamian flag, that on 19 November 2002 sank off the coast of Galicia, Spain. The sinking caused a major environmental disaster, polluting thousands of miles of coastline with 50,000 tonnes of oil.[2]

Design and construction[edit]

Prestige was a single-hulled oil tanker with a length overall of 243 metres (797 ft), a beam of 34.4 metres (113 ft), a hull depth of 18.7 metres (61 ft), and a draft of 14 metres (46 ft). It had a 42,820 GT and a total cargo capacity of 81,589 tonnes deadweight (DWT). Vessels of this size are classified as Aframax-class tankers.

The ship was built by Hitachi Shipbuilding and Engineering Co. in Maizuru, Kyoto, Japan. At the time of its sinking, it was owned by Mare Shipping, and registered in Liberia.

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