MV Qana

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Name: Qana
Owner: Masafi Aden
Route: Mohra to Aden
Fate: captured 26 April 2009, recaptured by Yemen
General characteristics
Tonnage: 3,000
Crew: 23

MV Qana is a Yemeni tanker captured by Somali pirates 26 April 2009, 10 miles off the coast of Yemen, after it left Mohra. Special forces from Yemen stormed the ship using helicopters and recaptured it. 11 pirates were captured and 3 were killed. [1] [2] During the firefight 5 Indian crew members were injured. After the recapture, it was taken to Mukalla.


On 18 May 2010, six of the pirates were sentenced to death by a court in Sana'a, and six others sentenced to prison terms of 10 years each, and the pirates were ordered to pay 2 million Yemeni rials[3] restitution to the ship's owners.[4]


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