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Queen of Sidney entering Westview Terminal - late Aug. 1993.jpg
The Queen of Sidney entering the Westview terminal at Powell River in 1993.
Class overview
Name: Sidney class
Operators: BC Ferries
Succeeded by: Victoria Class
Built: 1960
In service: 1960–2000 & 1960–2008
Completed: 2
Retired: 2

The Sidney Class consists of the original two ferries built for the British Columbia Ferry Corporation in 1960.[1][2] The design for the ships was based on the MV Coho ferry with changes made to accommodate loading of vehicles through the bow of the vessel.

After more than 40 years of service, the Queen of Sidney (Hull 85) was retired on November 28, 2000 after numerous complaints of intense rusting and health hazards the ship was sent to a shipyard in Mission, BC, where it has sat ever since. The Queen of Tsawwassen (Hull 309) continued in service until the fall of 2008. A decommissioning ceremony was held on September 27, 2008 at the Deas Pacific Marine shipyard.

These two ships spent almost all of their service life identical to when they were constructed, except for an expansion of the restaurant areas, due to unexpected food demand shortly after they commenced service.[2]

  • Overall length: 102.49m
  • Gross tonnage: 3127.33 tons
  • Queen of Sidney sitting on the Fraser river in 2013
    Propulsion: Two Mirrlees
  • Car capacity: 138
  • Passenger Capacity: 989
  • Service speed: 18 knots

The Queen of Tsawwassen was built at Burrard Dry Dock in Vancouver, while the Queen of Sidney was built at Victoria Machinery Depot in Victoria.

Preceded by
BC Ferries Flagship
Succeeded by
Victoria Class ferries

In popular culture[edit]

The resting place of the Queen of Sidney in mission, has been used in the television show The Secret Circle as the location for a battle between the circle of witches and the witch hunters in the episode "Family."

The Queen of Sidney appears in the 2008 monster movie, "Sea Beast".

The Queen of Sidney is the site for one of the fight scenes in the 2009 film Damage starring Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Queen of Sidney also appeared on the History Channel TV show Canadian Pickers.

The Queen of Sidney also was seen in the 2013 film The Marine 3: Homefront starring The Miz.

The Queen of Sidney was memorialized in a song of the same name written by Paul McCandless and recorded by the group OREGON (on their album "CROSSING").

The Queen of Sidney is seen in the 2016 Disney Channel show Mech-X4.

The Queen of Sidney is seen in the 2017-18 mid season finale and the mid season premiere of "Supernatural" [3]

The Queen of Sidney was the location of an apparent monster attack in The X-Files episode Ghouli.[4]


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