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MV Tacoma
Name: MV Tacoma
Owner: WSDOT
Operator: Washington State Ferries
Route: Seattle-Bainbridge Island
Builder: Todd Pacific Shipyards, Seattle, Washington
Cost: $80 million[1]
Launched: August 29, 1996
Acquired: August 18, 1997
Maiden voyage: October 17, 1997
In service: October 17, 1997
Status: In service
Notes: Out of service between July 29, 2014 and March 27, 2015 due to catastrophic failure of electrical system.
General characteristics
Class and type: Jumbo Mark II Class auto/passenger ferry
Length: 460 ft 2 in (140.3 m)
Beam: 90 ft (27.4 m)
Draft: 17 ft 3 in (5.3 m)
Deck clearance: 15 ft 6 in (4.7 m)
Installed power: Total 16,000 hp from 4 x EMD 16-710G Diesel-Electric engines
Speed: 18 kn (21 mph; 33 km/h)
  • 2500 passengers
  • 202 vehicles (max 60 commercial)

The MV Tacoma is a Jumbo Mark II Class ferry operated by Washington State Ferries. Launched in 1997, it was the first in its class in the Washington State Ferries fleet. Since delivery, the Tacoma has almost exclusively been assigned to the Seattle-Bainbridge Island route.

The Tacoma and its sister ship, the MV Wenatchee, suffered from excessive vibration during their early period of operation, until it was repaired during routine maintenance in 1999. The issue was addressed in the later Jumbo Mark II ferry, the MV Puyallup, before it launched.[1]

Electrical failure[edit]

On July 29, 2014, the vessel suffered a catastrophic electrical failure, in which most of the ship's electrical system was destroyed. The Tacoma remained out of service for nearly nine months while repairs were made. After four weeks of sea trials and approval from the Coast Guard, the Tacoma returned to service on the Seattle-Bainbridge route on March 28, 2015.[2]


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