MX Machine

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MX Machine
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Heavy Metal, American Rock, Punk Rock
Years active 1985–1989, 2007–present
Labels Template:Rhino Records
Restless Records
Candlepower Records (current label)
Associated acts The Hushdown,
Members Diego Negrete
Teri Spiker
Jeremy Hicks-Kachik
Joe Montelongo

MX Machine is an American thrash metal band from Los Angeles, California. Initially active from 1985 to 1989, the band reformed in 2007 with a renewed line-up.[1]


MX Machine was formed in 1985 by bass guitarist Diego Negrete with vocalist Lee Kaiser, guitarist Mitch Rellas and local drummer Sam Monarez. Drummer Danny Anaya (formally of Abbitior) joined soon after and the original MX Machine started. The band's first demo, "Fatal Mistake", was produced by Bill Metoyer. The demo and a few sold out Hollywood shows led them to sign with Sharon Murley and Restless Records in 1987.

They released their first album, Manic Panic, in 1988, gaining critical recognition and touring in support of the album Manic Panic. MX Machine became notorious in the Los Angeles underground scene for wildly staged drunken antics and powerful fast three-minute songs. They quickly rose to popularity but were banned from most local clubs at the same time, which became a problem as no promoters wanted to book the act for fear of destroyed property. So the "AfterParty" became a common practice. Songs from the album made it to the large screen with "Psychotic Killing Machine" used in the soundtrack to Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III. "Kick You In The Face" appeared in the feature Under The Boardwalk. After the tour, MX Machine began work on a new album in 1989 for Restless, but the results of these sessions remain unreleased as the record contract was dissolved and MX Machine disbanded. Soon later John Ayala a drummer from other bands like Lace and Bastard Son joined the band, during his short journey they played at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.

In 2007, Negrete, fueled by a growing internet demand. proceeded to resurrect MX Machine with the help of guitarist Larry Arrieta from the band "Fear", drummer Joe Montelongo from Evil Dead and Krystin Leigh on rhythm guitar. They helped Negrete renew the energy to perform shows and bring to life the band's history.

2010 MX Machine as 3-piece band with Negrete on bass guitar and vocals, Dan Sindel on guitar rose to the call to perform shows and track Devils Highway. A single and EP produced again by Bill Metoyer. Since the relaunch of MX Machine, the band has been on a new path playing their classic slamming 3 minute punk style tunes. Classic anthems "Kick You In The Face" and "Fuck The Neighbors!" are in the mix for oldschoolers and with new updated material, the band is bringing big sounds to the Rock and Roll front once again. The band has since shared the stage with some greater acts including Helmet, Accept, Hed PE, Rattlehead, Winger, Saxon, Y&T and a massive show at Hollywoods' legendary House of Blues with Agent Steel where All Hell Broke Loose. 2013. Negrete is on a solid new path to deliver NEW music with great assistance by Teri Spiker, Joe Montelongo and by guitarist/songwriter Jeremy Hicks Kachik. Who co-wrote the music with the group. Negrete went back to the 2 inch Analog recording process with a new Producer, Los Angeles Punk/Hardcore Producer Manuel Nieto. The songs are a breakaway from the old school. A bold jump into a new direction with layers and deep pounding rhythms. New sessions have begun and singles are set for 2015 releases. At this point the group is concentrating on music and imagery. There are no plans to perform live. A footnote: In 2007 Manic Panic was acquired by WMG/EMI and re-released digitally thru Rhino Records after being ReMastered by Bill Metoyer. MX Machine can now be found on iTunes and YouTube and have been humbled with FM Radio spins nationwide. Stay Tuned...

Current members[edit]

Diego Negrete - vocals, bass guitar
Teri Spiker - guitars
Jeremy Hicks-Kachik - guitars
Joe Montelongo - drums
Manuel Nieto- Producer

Former members[edit]

Lee Kaiser - Vocals
Mitch Rellas - guitar
Liquid Dan (aka Danny Anaya) - drums
Dan Sindel- guitar
Larry Arietta- guitar
Krystin Leigh- guitar
John Ayala- Drums


Devils Highway single/EP (Copyright 2013 BMI)


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