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M by Mariah Carey
Fragrance by Mariah Carey
Type Women's fragrance
Released September 27, 2007
Label Elizabeth Arden
Tagline "An ethereal presence captivating like a song"
Successor M by Mariah Carey (Gold Deluxe Edition)
Website Official site

M is a women's fragrance from Elizabeth Arden, and is the first perfume to be endorsed by Mariah Carey.

On the official website of Elizabeth Arden, M is listed among the Best Sellers list.

Key notes[edit]

Top notes: marshmallow and "Sea Breeze" accord, heart notes: Tahitian tiare and gardenia, base notes: amber, patchouli and Moroccan incense.[1]

The design[edit]

The Bottle: The cap of the bottle is Mariah's iconic signature, a butterfly. The rest of the bottle is shaped in the form of a Tiare flower (one of the notes of the perfume), the ethereal butterfly cap has its petals open, on the verge of blooming to reveal the seductive fragrance inside. There's also a silver rope collar in between the butterfly and the flower which adds elegance and sophistication. The color of the bottle is purple.[2]

The Carton: The carton's color is an irradiant pearlescent finish add dimension with the silver initial "M" located in the middle. The front panel opens to impressively reveal the spectacular bottle inside.[2]

The Perfume: The perfume is a lavish satin jewellery like box. The parfum is applied with a glass dabber, which adds a more delicate and sensual touch.[2]


The Fragrance Foundation has announced the semi-finalists for the 2008 Fragrance of the Year FiFi Award, known as the "Oscars of the fragrance industry." Mariah Carey's "M" is one of the perfumes on the list, in the "Women's Luxe" category. Each category will be whittled down to 5 fragrances at the FiFi Finalists Breakfast on April 25, 2008; the final awards will be presented in May, 2008.[3]

M by Mariah Carey won the Gold Award for Best Celebrity Women's Fragrance in The 8th Annual Basenotes Awards. The fragrance competed against 10 other finalists in the category.[4]

Gold Deluxe Edition[edit]

As "M" was extremely successful worldwide, a limited edition was released in 2008. Its bottle looks like the original, however it is Gold instead of Purple.

The Gold Limited Edition bottle of Mariah's Perfume "M by Mariah Carey" launched exclusively in the UK & Ireland on March 16, 2008.