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M Magazine
M Magazine May 2014.png
Categories Teen magazine
Frequency Monthly
Total circulation
First issue January 2000 (2000-January)
Final issue 2016 (print)
Company Bauer Publishing
Country United States
Based in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Language English
Website www.m-magazine.com
ISSN 1533-9149

M Magazine is an online teen-focused website and was a monthly print teen magazine. The website is owned by, and the print magazine was published, by Bauer Publishing, the United States division of the German firm Bauer Verlagsgruppe. The first issue was released in January 2000.

Bauer Media announced in November 2015 that the print edition of M Magazine would end with the early 2016 issues, but that it would continue as an online-only venture.[2]


Like the majority of teenage magazines, it contains common features like teen gossip, quizzes, fashion, hot couples, posters and more with celebrities that are of interest to its readers. Many Disney, Nickelodeon and Pop music stars are usually the focus and on cover of the magazine.

An annual survey in 2007 by Experian Simmons Research of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, found that M Magazine tied among American girls 8 to 14 for familiarity, with nearly one in three girls in that age group surveyed saying they had read or looked at the magazine.


Circulation was 217,183 copies in 2006.[3]


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