Ma'asir al-umara

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Persian text of Ma'asir al-Umara, published in Calcutta, 1888

Ma'asir al-Umara, written by Samsam ud Daula Shah Nawaz Khan and his son Abdul Hai Khan, at Aurangabad, is a Persian-language biography of notables in the Mughal Empire during the time period approximately 1556-1780. Variants of the title include Ma'athir al-Umara, Maasir al-Umara, and Maathir ul-Umara. Shah Nawaz Khan relies upon a variety of Persian histories for his information, which he lists in his introduction.

An English translation by Beni Prasad and H. Beveridge is available.


Gazetteer Of Aurangabad (1884)

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The full Persian text was published by Asiatic Society of Bengal in the late nineteenth century, and is now available in three pdfs.