Coordinates: 46°15′26″N 12°18′37″E / 46.2571°N 12.3103°E / 46.2571; 12.3103
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Physical characteristics
 • coordinates
46°15′26″N 12°18′37″E / 46.2571°N 12.3103°E / 46.2571; 12.3103
Basin features
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The Maè is the main watercourse along the val di Zoldo, in Belluno, Italian Eastern Alps. It is a right tributary of the Piave. The valley is also called the Valle del Maè (Mae Valley) along Soffranco and Longarone.[1] The Mae Valley near Forno di Zoldo is the site of the Piave–Boite–Vaiont hydroelectric system.[2][verification needed]


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  2. ^ "Actas Y Memorias ... Congreso de Grandes Presas", 1959: "Pontesei dam was built with a view to providing an additional reservoir to the Piave–Boite–Vaiont hydroelectric system in the Mae Valley near Forno di Zoldo, Eastern Alps. The reservoir has a total capacity of 10 ?.5o ooo[clarify] m3, a net capacity of 9 ..."