Małpka Express

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Małpka Express
Industry Retail
Founded 2012
Headquarters Poznań, Poland
Area served

Małpka Express is a retail chain operated by the firm Małpka S.A. with its headquarters in Poznań; in Poland.[1]


The first Małpka Express shop was opened in March, 2012 in Warzymice in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. From that point onward the chain has intensively increased the number of shops, opening about 150-200 new shops each year.[2]

In September, 2013 due to acquisition of Małpka S.A. by the retail chain Czerwona Torebka the Małpka S.A. joint-stock company joined the company.[3][4] In 2015 the company was acquired by Forteam Investments.[5]


Małpka Express is a chain of local convenience stores, which primarily focus on grocery and liquor assortments, the chain has an index of over 2500 products. These products include: grocery items, sweets, vegetables and fruit, dairy, cakes, alcohol, tobacco products, newspapers and magazines, cleaning agents and cosmetics.

Other than convenience stores the retail chain includes other services like Małpka Café, and milk bars. In November, 2013 Małpka Express came into partnership with the internet shopping brand as part of the Czerwona Torebka retail chain. Due to the synergy between the two companies, Małpka Express shops have parcel pick-up points.[6]


Its 2015 advertisement caused concern over its message for children telling them to buy sweets in the chain stores rather than more healthy food offered by school cafeterias.[7]


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