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Maō (魔王?)
Genre Drama
Created by Park Chan Hong
Kim Ji Woo
Lee Duk Kwun
Written by Yōichi Maekawa
Masafumi Nishida
Directed by Arata Katō
Toshio Tsuboi
Tsuyoshi Katayama
Starring Satoshi Ohno
Toma Ikuta
Ryoko Kobayashi
Theme music composer Hydrant
Opening theme truth by Arashi
Composer(s) Hiroyuki Sawano
Country of origin Japan Japan
Original language(s) Japanese
No. of episodes 11
Executive producer(s) Masanao Takahashi
Ryōsuke Watanabe
Running time approx. 49 minutes
Original network TBS
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Audio format Surround
Original release July 4, 2008 – September 12, 2008
Followed by Ryūsei no Kizuna
Related shows The Devil
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Maō (魔王 lit. The Devil, or Demon King?), is a Japanese remake of the Korean suspense drama series titled The Devil (Hangul마왕; RRMawang) which aired on KBS 2TV in 2007. The drama stars Satoshi Ohno of Arashi and Toma Ikuta, both under the talent agency Johnny & Associates.


Ryo Naruse (Satoshi Ohno) is a two-faced lawyer: on the surface, he is a kind-hearted soul, representing the poor and earning the nickname "The Angel Lawyer" from the press; but unbeknownst to anyone else, he is also a "devil," meticulously plotting the perfect revenge against those responsible for his younger brother's death. Naoto Serizawa (Toma Ikuta) is a gung-ho detective whose overzealous methods mask a dark past which he is trying to overcome. When a family acquaintance of Serizawa's is murdered, Serizawa is thrust in the middle of a multiple-homicide case which stirs up memories of a dark event from his past.

Opening theme song[edit]

The theme song for this series is "Truth" by Arashi, a popular Japanese boy band which Satoshi Ohno is the leader of. In a preview of "Truth" promotional video on TBS morning entertainment news program 2jichaō, Ohno explains that the meaning of the song is very close to the content and feel of the whole drama. Arashi displayed their dancing in the promotional video of "Truth" with Ohno as the lead. It was revealed in Maō's official blog (written by the staffs / producers and posted at their official site) Ohno diligently practiced the intricate dance move in between takes because of his busy schedule.


Primary cast[edit]

  • Satoshi Ohno as Ryo Naruse
  • Toma Ikuta as Naoto Serizawa
  • Ryoko Kobayashi as Shiori Sakita
  • Kei Tanaka as Hitoshi Kasai
  • Shugo Oshinari as Mitsuru Souda
  • Tomohiro Waki as Yosuke Ishimoto
  • Misa Uehara as Kaoru Takatsuka
  • Mai Shinohara as Eri Nishina
  • Yutaka Shimizu as Keita Yamano
  • Kisuke Iida as Kanrikan Ishihara
  • Toshihide Tonesaku as Takashi Kurata
  • Michiko Kichise as Mari Serizawa
  • Hitori Gekidan as Noriyoshi Serizawa
  • Yuji Miyake as Hiromichi Nakanishi
  • Koji Ishizaka as Eisaku Serizawa

Secondary cast[edit]

  • Hiroki Kouno as young Toomo Manaka
  • Toshi Takeuchi as Hideo Manaka
  • Haruki Kimura as young Naoto Serizawa
  • Kayano Masuyama as young Shiori Sakita
  • Yuto Uemura as young Hitoshi Kasai
  • Haruo Honma as young Mitsuru Souda
  • Ryunoshin Nakamura as young Yosuke Ishimoto

Guest appearances[edit]

  • Kazunari Ninomiya as Masayoshi Kumada (episode 1)
  • Mayumi Asaka as Yoshimi Manaka (episodes 1, 2, 4)
  • Tetsuo Morishita as Takahiro Kumada (episodes 1, 2)
  • Kitaro as Kunio Hayashi (episodes 1, 2)
  • Kaoru Okunuki as Tae Shintani (episodes 2-4)
  • Momoka Oono as Sora Shintani (episodes 2-5, 7)
  • Naomasa Musaka as Takahiro Ikehata (episodes 4-7)
  • Yūka as Makiko Naruse (episodes 4-7)
  • Outa Tanino as the real Ryo Naruse (episode 5)
  • Kyusaku Shimada as Oosumi Kazuma (episodes 5-7, 9)


Episode Subtitle
01 The vengeful demon who threw away love - the grieving devil
02 A treacherous snare... Parent and child torn apart
03 One's true face is exposed, revenge for the sake of love
04 Targeted devil, the gates of hell have opened
05 An advance murder notice...!? Receiving a red envelope from the devil
06 Tell me... who the real perpetrator is!!
07 The false siblings... A kind lie that invites death
08 The end to an impermissible love... For revenge, once more
09 I am the real perpetrator. The tragedy of a man who knew too much.
10 The crumbling of a household... The last card is death!!
11 The final showdown. A bond severed by death!!

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