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MIN - Mašinska industrija Niš (Serbian Cyrillic: MИН Машинска индустрија Ниш) - Mechanical Industry Niš, is holding corporation that engaged in the energy, mining, process engineering, equipment for agriculture and a railways program.

It maintains production facilities in Niš, Svrljig, Gadžin Han, Žitorađa, Merošina, and Veliki Bonjic in Serbia. Its headquarters and main production facilities are located in the city of Niš.


MIN was founded in 1884 as Railways workshop (Serbian Cyrillic: Железничке радионице, Železničke radionice) for the maintenance and repair of rolling stock. It was founded after construction of Belgrade-Niš railway. By the year 1890 the assembly, sawmills, steel foundry, forge, pattern shop and tool room were established. With their integration and the integration of other sectors that have emerged later, the Mechanical Industry Niš was founded.

MIN was one of the main companies who maintained Yugoslav Railways diesel locomotives. It has also produced several diesel locomotives series for both railways and industry.



Class 734 industrial diesel locomotive produced made by MIN.
  • Diesel-hydraulic locomotive DHL-600 class 734
  • Diesel-hydraulic locomotive DHL-650 class 735
  • Diesel-hydraulic locomotive DHL-200
  • Diesel-hydraulic locomotive DHL-450 U
  • Diesel-hydraulic locomotive DHSL-3,0
  • Diesel-hydraulic draisine DHD-200 class 915
  • Heavy motor draisine TMD-25
  • Heavy motor draisine TMD-22
  • Light motor draisine LMD-9
  • Motor draisine for maintenance of catenary TMD-22 km
  • Heavy motor draisine for building and maintenance of catenary TMD-42 km

Holding members before process of privatization[edit]

  • MIN Sivi liv
  • MIN Obojeni metali
  • MIN Modelara
  • MIN Kovačnica
  • MIN Presa
  • MIN Svrljig
  • MIN Izgradnja
  • MIN Lokomotiva
  • MIN Vagonka
  • MIN Čelik
  • MIN Projekat
  • MIN Specijalna vozila
  • MIN Metal Merošina
  • MIN Balkan
  • MIN Mont
  • MIN Oprema
  • MIN Fitip
  • MIN Inženjering
  • MIN Tehnoproces
  • MIN Niš Mont
  • MIN Jedinstvo
  • MIN Komerc
  • MIN Institut
  • MIN Inspekt
  • MIN Skretnice
  • MIN Zaštita
  • MIN Gas

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