Ma-ma (1976 film)

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Rock'n'Roll Wolf
Ma-ma (1976 film).jpg
Directed byElisabeta Bostan
StarringLyudmila Gurchenko
Mikhail Boyarsky
Oleg Popov
Saveliy Kramarov
George Mihăiță
Florian Pittiș
Release date
  • 1976 (1976)
Running time
83 minutes
Soviet Union

Rock'n'Roll Wolf (Romanian: Mama, Russian: Мама) is a musical film from 1976 and is a RomanianSovietFrench co-production.[1]

The storyline is loosely based on the famous plot about the goat and her kids, published as "The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids" in Grimm's Fairy Tales and known to Romanian audience as Ion Creangă's "Capra cu trei iezi" ("The Goat and her Three Kids") and to Russian audience as a folk tale "Волк и семеро козлят" ("The Wolf and the Seven Kids"). In the movie the number of goat kids is five. The script was written by Vasilica Istrate and Yuri Entin, and Elisabeta Bostan directed.

The movie was filmed simultaneously in three languages (Romanian, Russian and English). The cast was formed by dancers from Moscow Circus, Moscow Circus on Ice, and Bolshoi Ballet. In 1977, the movie won the Silver Cup at the Children's Film Festival in Venice.

The film stars Lyudmila Gurchenko as Rada, the goat, Mikhail Boyarsky as Titi Suru, the Wolf, Oleg Popov as the bear, Saveliy Kramarov as the wolf's nephew, George Mihăiță as the donkey, and Florian Pittiș as the parrot.



List of songs[edit]

  1. Dream (introduction) (Мечта (вступление))
  2. Our beautiful village (Хороша деревня наша)
  3. Swing (song of the beast) (Качели (песня зверят))
  4. Dance of the goat and kids (Танец Козы и козлят)
  5. Oh, the Goat will cry! (Ох, наплачется Коза!)
  6. The Wolves are bad guys (Волки-бяки)
  7. They will be afraid of us (Будут бояться нас)
  8. Dance of the wolf's pack (Танец волчьей стаи)
  9. Goats' Lullaby (Колыбельная Козы)
  10. The parrot isn't a fool (song of the parrot)) (Попка - не дурак! (Песня Попугая))
  11. Ding-dong, I'm your mother (Динь-дон, я ваша мама)
  12. The disobedient Matei (Непослушный Митяй)
  13. The fair (Ярмарка)
  14. Don't be afraid of the distance (song of the swallow)) (Не страшат нас расстоянья (Песня Ласточки))
  15. The meeting of Matei and the wolf's pack (Встреча Митяя и волчьей стаи)
  16. Song of the bear (Песня Медведя)
  17. Duet of the goat and the wolf at the fair (Дуэт Козы и Волка на ярмарке)
  18. The parrot is a superstar (Попка - суперстар)
  19. Dance of the donkey and the lamb (Танец Ослёнка и Овечки)
  20. The pursuit of Matei by the wolf's pack (Погоня волчьей стаи за Митяем)
  21. The kids today (Пошла молодёжь)
  22. The goat and the wolf. Song of the wolf) (Коза у Волка. Песня Волка)
  23. Feud and malice (Вражда и злоба)
  24. Mummy (Мама)
  25. Winter (Зима)
  26. Song of the three/Song of the wolf's pack (Песня троих/Песня волчьей шайки)
  27. Potpourri on the ice (Попурри на льду)
  28. Tango of the wolf and the goat (Танго Волка и Козы)
  29. Song about mother (final) (Песня о маме (финал))


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