Ma 6-T va crack-er

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Ma 6-T va crack-er
Directed by Jean-François Richet
Written by Jean-François Richet
Arco Descat C.
Starring Arco Descat C.
Gilles Carballo
Hamouda Bouras
Music by White & Spirit
Release date
July 2, 1997 (1997-07-02)
Running time
105 min.
Country France
Language French

Ma 6-T va crack-er (Standard French: Ma cité va craquer, English translation: My Projects are Going to Crack, derived from craquer ("break down") and the drug crack cocaine) is a French movie directed by Jean-François Richet in 1997, caricaturing gang warfare.


The story is set in a cité (6-T in French slang), or housing project, in the Parisian suburb of Meaux. The residents are unhappy about their living conditions, and are rebelling against this. Some critics compare it to the film La Haine, directed by Mathieu Kassovitz and starring Vincent Cassel, as well as to Le Cercle de la haine.


Impact of the film[edit]

French rap did well in the early 90s in France because of its rebellious lyrical content. It is used to illustrate the link between the reality and the atmosphere of this film, and to incite reflection in the viewer.

Artists such as IAM, X-Men, Assassin, KRS-One, 2 Bal, Mystik and more feature on the soundtrack, supporting Jean-François Richet's cinematography.

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