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Ma Bufang Mansion

Ma Bufang Mansion (simplified Chinese: 马步芳公馆; traditional Chinese: 馬步芳公館; pinyin: MǎBùfāngGōngguǎn) was the mansion of the Chinese Muslim warlord and General Ma Bufang and his family from 1943–1949, and now is a tourist attraction, in Xining, Qinghai, China. Ma Bufang was a Kuomintang party member, so the mansion has numerous portraits of the Kuomintang founder Dr. Sun Yatsen and Blue Sky with a White Sun flags.[1][2][3]

It also includes many portraits of Ma Clique warlords.[4][5]

Construction initiated on June 1942 and finished in June 1943. In total, the mansion comprises 290 houses occupying 6,000 square meters of a plot of 30,000 square meters located in East District of the city.[6]

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