Ma Fushou

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Ma Fushou, 馬福壽
Born Linxia County, Gansu
Allegiance Flag of the Qing dynasty Qing dynasty
Years of service 1889

Ma Fushou (simplified Chinese: 马福寿; traditional Chinese: 馬福壽; pinyin: Mǎ Fúshòu, Xiao'erjing: ﻣَﺎ ﻓُﻮْ ﺷِﻮْ‎), a Hui, was the son of General Ma Qianling, and the brother of Ma Fucai, Ma Fulu, and Ma Fuxiang. He joined the martial arts hall and attended military school after three years of training in 1892.[1]

In 1917, Ma Fushou, chief of staff of the Brillitant Military Army and defeated Bandits at Zuuqa temple. Ma Fuxiang dispatched Fushou with an army to attack Kao's army at zuuqa temple, and destroyed all the bandits.[2]

Ma Fushou was over 90 years old when died in 1956 in Linxia.[3]

Ma Fushou with Chiang Kai-shek


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