Ma Guoliang

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Ma Guoliang
Born Linxia County, Gansu
Allegiance Flag of the Qing dynasty Qing dynasty
Years of service 1895
Rank general
Battles/wars Salar revolt
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Ma.

Ma Guoliang (simplified Chinese: 马国良; traditional Chinese: 馬國良; pinyin: Mǎ Guóliáng; Wade–Giles: Ma Kuo-liang) was a Hui Muslim military officer in the Qing dynasty, the son of General Ma Zhanao and younger brother of General Ma Anliang and older brother of Ma Suiliang (Ma Sui-liang) 馬遂良.[1] He helped crush a rebel Muslims in the Dungan revolt (1895–1896) along with his brother Ma Anliang, holding them off at Jishi pass.[2] His sons were Ma Tingbin (Ma T'ing-pin) 馬廷斌 aka Ma Quanqin 馬全欽, and Ma Jieqin 馬介欽.

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