Ma On Shan Station

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Ma On Shan
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
An elevated railway station island platform in the night. The flat roof is supported by light purple pillars, one pair per row.
Ma On Shan Station platform center
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map
Location of Ma On Shan Station in Hong Kong
Station location and services
Line      Ma On Shan Line
Code MOS
District Sha Tin
Area Ma On Shan
Coordinates 22°25′29″N 114°13′54″E / 22.4247°N 114.2316°E / 22.4247; 114.2316Coordinates: 22°25′29″N 114°13′54″E / 22.4247°N 114.2316°E / 22.4247; 114.2316
Service hours 0542-0119
Station design
Livery  BAAADB
Structure Elevated
Platforms 2
Type of platforms Island
Exits 4
Escalators 2
Lifts 1
Shops 4
Opened 21 December 2004
Rail services
Preceding station   MTR   Following station
Ma On Shan Line
towards Tai Wai

Ma On Shan Station
Traditional Chinese 馬鞍山
Simplified Chinese 马鞍山
Literal meaning Saddle Ridge

Ma On Shan Station is an elevated station on the Ma On Shan Line of Hong Kong. It is located above Sai Sha Road, at the town centre of Ma On Shan, between Sunshine City and Bayshore Towers. It also serves other residential areas like Kam Ying Court and Chung On Estate; it also serves over ten schools, and is in close proximity with Ma On Shan Central Park and other parks.

The pattern featured on the platform pillar and glass barrier symbolizes the abandoned iron mine that used to be in Ma On Shan peak.

Station layout[edit]

Platform 1      Ma On Shan Line towards Tai Wai (Heng On)
Island platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 2      Ma On Shan Line towards Wu Kai Sha (Terminus)
Concourse Exits, customer services, toilets, ATMs
MTRShops, Octopus promotion machine
Ground Car-park
(Not open to public)


  • A: Ma On Shan Plaza Wheelchair user access
  • B: Sunshine City Plaza Wheelchair user access

Transport interchange[edit]

There is a bus terminus at Sunshine City, providing interchange links to the following KMB bus routes:

  • 40X- Wu Kai Sha Station ↔ Kwai Chung Estate
  • 85C- Ma On Shan Town Centre ↔ Hung Hom Ferry
  • 85M- Kam Ying court ↺ Wong Tai Sin
  • 85S- Yiu On → Hung Hom Ferry (Rush Time Service)
  • 85X- Ma On Shan Town Centre → Hung Hom Ferry (Rush Time Service)
  • 86C- Lee On ↔ Cheung Sha Wan
  • 86K- Kam Ying Court ↔ Sha Tin Station
  • 86P- Sha Tin Station → Cheung Sha Wan (Rush Time Service)
  • 86S- Kam Ying Court ↔ Sha Tin Station (Rush Time Service)
  • 86X- Lee On ↔ Cheung Sha Wan (Rush Time Service)
  • 87D- Kam Ying Court ↔ Hung Hom Station
  • 87K- University Station ↺ Kam Ying Court
  • 89D- Wu Kai Sha Station ↔ Lam Tin Station
  • 89P- Ma On Shan Town Centre → Lam Tin Station (Rush Time Service)
  • 274P- Wu Kai Sha Station → Tai Po Industrial Estate (Rush Time Service)
  • 286M- Ma On Shan Town Centre ↺ Diamond Hill Station
  • 299- Sai Kung ↔ Sha Tin Town Central
Cross Harbour Tunnel Bus
  • 680- Lee On ↔ Admiralty (East)
  • 680A- Lee On ↔ Admiralty (East) (Rush Time Service)
  • 680P- Ma On Shan Town Centre → Admiralty (East) (Rush Time Service)
  • 680X- Lee On ↔ Central (Macau Merry) (Rush Time Service)
  • 681- Ma On Shan Town Centre ↔ Central (Hong Kong Station)
  • 681P- Yiu On ↔ Sheung Wan (Rush Time Service)
  • 682- Lee On ↔ Chai Wan (East)
  • 682P- Lee On → Chai Wan (East) (Rush Time Service)
Long Win Bus
  • A41P- Airport (Ground Transportation Centre) ↔ Ma On Shan Yiu On

It also serves the following GMB route:

  • #808


As the surrounding is full of residential estates, including Bayshore Towers, Sunshine City, Fu Fai Garden, Ma On Shan Centre, The Oceania and Villa Athena, and the two exits are connected to large shopping centres, the daily usage remains high.