Ma Tau Chung

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Sung Wong Toi on Sacred Hill before the Japanese Occupation.
A view of Ma Tau Chung Road.

Ma Tau Chung (Chinese: 馬頭涌) is an area in Hong Kong west of Ma Tau Kok and east of Ma Tau Wai in Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was named after a stream (hence Chung in the name) which originated in Quarry Hill emptying into Kowloon Bay. The village of Ma Tau Chung stood on its eastern bank near the rivermouth next to the Sacred Hill.


During the Second World War Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, most of the Indian POWs captured in Hong Kong were interned at a POW camp here.[1] The Japanese 'encouraged' these men to join the Indian National Army of the Indian Independence League, but met with little success. While hundreds of these POWs were not considered a threat by the Japanese, and were used as 'guards' at Gun Club Hill Barracks and other areas, 500-600 Indian soldiers considered anti-Japanese were held at Ma Tau Chung in very unpleasant circumstances.[citation needed] There were many deaths, and the men were buried just outside the camp near the vegetable gardens of the Argyle Street Camp immediately on the other side of Argyle Street.[citation needed]


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