Ma Tau Wai

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Ma Tau Wai

Ma Tau Wai (Chinese: 馬頭圍, originally 碼頭圍, historically 古瑾圍) is an area in Kowloon City District, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It was originally a walled village between present-day Argyle Street and Prince Edward Road West, east of St Teresa's Hospital.

The locale of Ma Tau Wai is not as well-defined as the original village, as the geographic features have been lost. The Ma Tau Wai Road in To Kwa Wan does not pass through Ma Tau Wai proper, although it was originally intended to. Ma Tau Wai is sometimes referred to the area south of Argyle Street and north of To Kwa Wan.

Notre Dame College is in Ma Tau Wai.

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Coordinates: 22°19′25″N 114°11′11″E / 22.32351°N 114.18646°E / 22.32351; 114.18646