Ma Zhong (Shu Han)

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Ma Zhong
Ma Zhong 2016 Han Zhao Lie Miao.jpg
Statue of Ma Zhong in a temple in Chengdu, Sichuan
Senior General Who Guards the South
In office
242 (242) – 249 (249)
MonarchLiu Shan
General Who Stabilises the South (安南將軍)
In office
? (?) – 242 (242)
MonarchLiu Shan
Personal details
Langzhong, Sichuan
  • Ma Xiu
  • Ma Hui
  • Ma Rong
Courtesy nameDexin (德信)
PeerageMarquis of Pengxiang Village
Original nameHu Du (狐篤)

Ma Zhong (died 249), courtesy name Dexin, originally named Hu Du, was a military general of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He had three sons: Ma Xiu (馬脩), Ma Hui (馬恢) and Ma Rong (馬融). Ma Hui's son, Ma Yi (馬義), served as the Administrator of Jianning Commandery during the Jin dynasty.

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