Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation

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Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation
Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Charles Lamont
Written by Jack Henley
Starring Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride
Universal Pictures
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date
  • April 20, 1953 (1953-04-20)
Running time
76 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $2.2 million (US)[1]

Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation is a 1953 American comedy film directed by Charles Lamont. It is the fifth installment of Universal Pictures Ma and Pa Kettle franchise starring Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride.


Ma and Pa Kettle are invited, by their in-law counterparts, Jonathan and Elizabeth Parker, to a trip to Paris. Leaving the kids with an Indian babysitter, Ma and Pa head out to France on an airplane. Upon arrival, they get caught into a circle with a famous gang, that wants an envelope that is in Pa's possession.



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