Ma femme s'appelle reviens

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Ma femme s'appelle reviens
Directed byPatrice Leconte
Written byMichel Blanc
Patrice Leconte
Joseph Morhaim
Produced byChristian Fechner
StarringMichel Blanc
Xavier Saint-Macary
Pascale Rocard
Music byWilliam Sheller
Distributed byLes Films Christian Fechner
Release date
Running time
85 minutes

Ma femme s'appelle reviens is a 1982 French comedy film directed by Patrice Leconte.


Bernard has been brutally left by his wife, without even a file for divorce, and attempts to absolutely get her back, on the sudden departure of her flight for Lausanne, but he fails. Having committed several infractions during his trip, he is arrested by the police but is finally free a few hours later.

Firmly convinced that they were happy together, Bernard does not understand why she is gone. Trying to forget it but having a hard time overcoming his sorrow, he goes living in a residence "for bachelors". Employed by SOS Médecins, he decides to ensure the overnight care to occupy his insomnia. He is demanded one evening to rescue a neighbor, Nadine Foulon, who has gotten ill in an elevator. Nadine is also crossing a difficult period, since her partner Terry, a singer and guitarist, has completely abandoned her and is continuing to "mess" with her feelings. Working as a photographer, she is unable to forget it and swings between depression and bulimia.


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