Coordinates: 59°54′38″N 10°45′37″E / 59.910508°N 10.76032°E / 59.910508; 10.76032
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Exterior of Maaemo
Maaemo is located in Central Oslo
Maaemo's location in Central Oslo
Restaurant information
EstablishedDecember 2010 (2010-12)
Owner(s)Esben Holmboe Bang
Bjørn Tore Furset
Head chefEsben Holmboe Bang
Food typeOrganic and wild foods and produce
RatingMichelin rating: 3 Michelin stars
Street addressDronning Eufemias gate 23, 0194
Coordinates59°54′38″N 10°45′37″E / 59.910508°N 10.76032°E / 59.910508; 10.76032
Seating capacityLimited

Maaemo is a three-Michelin-star restaurant Oslo, Norway. The name Maaemo derives from the Finnish language, meaning "Mother earth". The restaurant works in the New Nordic Cuisine genre, and focuses on local food and only uses organic, biodynamic, or wild produce.[1] Head chef is Danish Esben Holmboe Bang.[2]

The restaurant was, together with Danish Geranium, the first Nordic restaurant to be awarded three stars in the Michelin guide in February 2016.[3][4][5]

In June 2016, Maaemo was voted 61st best restaurant in the world at The World's 50 Best Restaurants awards.[6] In 2018, it was placed 35th.[7] In December 2019, the restaurant closed to move to another location. This resulted in the loss of all of its three Michelin stars in February 2020. In September 2021 Maaemo won back the three stars.[8]


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