Maan massacre

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Maan massacre
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Location Ma'an, Syria
Date 9 February 2014
Target Alawites
Attack type
Deaths 21–62
Perpetrators Jund al-Aqsa

The Maan massacre was a reported massacre of Alawites in the village of Ma'an, Syria on 9 February 2014.

On 9 February 2014, rebels of the Jund al-Aqsa group attacked and captured the Alawite village of Maan, in Hama province, reportedly killing 21 civilians,[1][2] 14 of them women, during the takeover of the village, according to the SOHR.[3] 10 of those killed were from a single family. 20 pro-government militiamen were also killed in the attack.[1][2] State media described the attack as a massacre[4] and Syrian government sources claimed around 60 civilians were killed by the Saudi-backed Islamic Front,[5][6] most of them women, children and the elderly.[7]

The Nusra Front denied they took part in the attack, claiming another group was behind it.[8] The spokesman for the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, relayed that the Secretary-General expressed "great shock" over reports of the massacre.[9]

The massacre caused demonstrations against Al Qaeda, Al Nusra Front, the ruling Justice and Development Party and the United States by the Alawite community in Hatay, Mersin, Istanbul and other Turkish cities.[6]

On 17 February, the Syrian Army recaptured Maan.[3]

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