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Native to China
Region Funing County, Yunnan
Ethnicity Yi
Native speakers
(5,000 cited 1982)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog maan1239[2]

Maang (Chinese: 么昂语; autonym: maːŋ˧ or mӕ̱aŋ˧) or Mo'ang (Chinese: 末昂语; autonym: mɯaŋ˥˩) is a Lolo-Burmese language of Wenshen Prefecture, Yunnan, China and northern Vietnam. The Maang are also locally referred to as the Gāokùjiǎo Yí (高裤脚彝; "High-Trousered Yi") by other local ethnic groups (Zhou 2014:1).

Lama (2012) classifies Maang within the Mondzish branch of Lolo–Burmese.


Zhou (2014:1-2) reports that Mo'ang is spoken in the following villages.

  • Banlun township 板仑乡, Funing County, Yunnan
    • Longyang 龙洋[3] (Maang, Zhuang, and Han Chinese residents)
    • Longmai 龙迈[4]
    • Mula 木腊[5] (Maang, Zhuang, and Han Chinese residents)
    • Gongjinwei 公金渭[6]
    • Kela 克拉[7]
  • Mugan 木甘,[8] Niuchang village 牛场村, Lida town 里达镇 (Maang, Zhuang residents)
  • Muxiongping village 木兄坪村,[9] Muyang town 木央镇
    • Zhilun 直伦[10][11] (Maang and Miao residents)
    • Upper Muyang 上木羊[12][13] (Maang and Miao residents)
    • Lower Muyang 下木羊[14][15] (Maang and Miao residents)
  • Xiaomulun 小睦伦,[16] Muyang town 木央镇 (Han Chinese, Maang, and Yao residents)
  • Ligong 里拱,[17] Lida town 里达镇, Funing County, Yunnan (also 12 other villages in Lida town 里达镇)
  • The villages of Zhechang 者长, Dana 达那, Nianbi 念必 in Napo County, Guangxi province

There are 713 households and 4,079 individuals according to a 2003 estimate by the Funing County government (Zhou 2014:1).


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