Maangamizi: The Ancient One

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Maangamizi: The Ancient One
Directed by Martin Mhando
Ron Mulvihill
Produced by Executive producer Jonathan Demme
Martin Mhando
Queenae Taylor Mulvihill
Ron Mulvihill
Written by Queenae Taylor Mulvihill
Starring Barbara O. Jones
Amandina Lihamba
Samahani Kejeri
Waigwa Wachira
Music by Cyril Neville
Cinematography Willie E. Dawkins
Edited by Jimmy Ling
Distributed by Gris-Gris Films Inc.
Release date
  • February 18, 2001 (2001-02-18)
Running time
110 minutes
Country Tanzania
United States
Language Swahili

Maangamizi: The Ancient One is a 2001 American / Tanzanian drama film directed by Martin Mhando and Ron Mulvihill and executive produced by Jonathan Demme. It premiered at the Pan African Film Festival and has played in over 55 Film Festivals worldwide. It was the Tanzanian submission for the Academy Award for Best foreign language film, the first, and as of 2016, only, film to be submitted from that country, but was not nominated.


Dr. Asira is faced with the contrast between Western medicine and traditional East African spirituality when a woman, Samehe, who is admitted to a psychiatric hospital, claims to be under the care of Maangamizi, a mysterious ancestor / shaman.[1]


  • Barbara O. Jones as Dr. Asira (as BarbaraO)
  • Amandina Lihamba as Samehe
  • Samahani Kejeri as Simba Mbili
  • Waigwa Wachira as Dr. Odhiambo
  • Ummie Mahfouda Alley as Patient
  • Zainabu Bafadhili as Young Samehe
  • Chemi Che-Mponda as Nurse Malika
  • Mary Chibwana as Patient
  • Janet Fabian as Sister Francis
  • Stumai Halili as Patient
  • Mwanajuma Ali Hassan as Bibi Maangamizi
  • Kisaka A. Kisaka as Reverend Waigwa
  • Mgeni as Young Asira
  • Thecla Mjatta as Zeinabu
  • Mona Mwakalinga as Mariamu
  • Adam Mwambile as Dr. Moshi
  • Evodia Ndonde as Patient


Maangamizi: The Ancient One won the Golden Dhow at the 1998 Zanzibar International Film Festival.[2][clarification needed] It won the Paul Robeson Award for Best Feature at the Newark Black Film Festival.[3]

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  • Warriors: Spiritually Engaged The Making of Maangamizi by Queenae Taylor Mulvihill

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