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Maarja Kangro in 2009.

Maarja Kangro (born 20 December 1973 in Tallinn) is an Estonian poet, short story writer and librettist.


She is the daughter of composer Raimo Kangro and author Leelo Tungal. She studied English at the University of Tartu and is currently a PhD student in cultural studies at the University of Tallinn. She has written several libretti for Estonian composers and has translated from Italian, English, German, and other languages (among others Giacomo Leopardi, Andrea Zanzotto, Valerio Magrelli, Giorgio Agamben, Hans Magnus Enzensberger).


  • 2006 Kurat õrnal lumel (poems)
  • 2006 Puuviljadraakon (children’s book)
  • 2007 Tule mu koopasse, mateeria (poems)
  • 2008 Heureka (poems)
  • 2010 Ahvid ja solidaarsus (short stories)
  • 2010 Kunstiteadlase jõulupuu (poems)
  • 2011 La farfalla dell'irreversibilità[1] (poems in Italian)
  • 2012 Dantelik auk (short stories)
  • 2012 Обезьяны и солидарность (short stories in Russian)
  • 2013 Must tomat (poems)
  • 2014 "Hüppa tulle" (short stories and a novella)
  • 2016 "Klaaslaps" (novel)
  • 2018 "Minu auhinnad"

Libretti and other texts for music[edit]

  • 1999 Süda, an opera by Raimo Kangro (with Kirke Kangro)[2]
  • 2005 Kaubamaja, an opera by Tõnis Kaumann [3]
  • 2006 Tuleaed and Mu luiged, mu mõtted, operas by Tõnu Kõrvits [4]
  • 2007 To Define Happiness, a multimedia work by Gavin Bryars and Peeter Jalakas[5]
  • 2008 Monument Muneja-Kukele ehk Kuked ja kanad, a cantata by Timo Steiner[6]
  • 2011 Kaks pead, an opera by Timo Steiner


  • 2006 Estonian Children’s Literature Centre’s Best Book of the Year Award (for Puuviljadraakon)
  • 2008 Tallinn University Literary Award (for Tule mu koopasse, mateeria)[7]
  • 2009 Tallinn University Literary Award (for Heureka)
  • 2009 Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Literary Award for poetry et:Kultuurkapitali kirjanduse sihtkapitali aastapreemia (for Heureka)
  • 2011 Estonian Cultural Endowment’s Literary Award for prose et:Kultuurkapitali kirjanduse sihtkapitali aastapreemia (for Ahvid ja solidaarsus)
  • 2011 Friedebert Tuglas Short Story Award (for 48 tundi)
  • 2014 Friedebert Tuglas Short Story Award (for Atropose Opel Meriva)
  • 2016 Tallinn University Literary Award for translation (Hans Magnus Enzensberger's "Der Untergang der Titanic")
  • 2016 Erster Rödermarkscher Literaturpreis (for the poem "Der Ex" / "Vana armuke")


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