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The former municipality of Maarn
The former municipality of Maarn
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Coordinates: 52°4′N 5°22′E / 52.067°N 5.367°E / 52.067; 5.367Coordinates: 52°4′N 5°22′E / 52.067°N 5.367°E / 52.067; 5.367
MunicipalityUtrechtse Heuvelrug
Population (1 January 2008)4,651
Area code(s)0343
Major roadsA12, N227

Maarn is a town in the Dutch province of Utrecht. It is a part of the municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug, and is located about 10 km east of Zeist.

In 2001, the town of Maarn had 4,071 inhabitants. The built-up area of the town was 1.26 km², and contained 1,793 residences.[1]

Until 2006, Maarn was a separate municipality, covering both Maarn and Maarsbergen.

Maarn is a small village in the heart of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a protected nature reserve in the Netherlands. The village has approximately 8,000 inhabitants, has a very small center and is probably best known for its tourism to the numerous camp-sites that surround the village.


Railway station: Maarn

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Former townhall
Church: Sint Theresiakerk
square: Het 5 mei-plein