Maarten Biesheuvel

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J.M.A. Biesheuvel with novella
Biesheuvel and Elco Brinkman (1988)

Maarten Biesheuvel (born 23 May 1939 in Schiedam) is a Dutch writer. He made his literary debut in 1972 with the short story collection In de bovenkooi. He received the "Ferdinand Bordewijk Prijs" in 1984 for Reis door mijn kamer. In 2007 he received the P. C. Hooft Award.[1]

From 1990 Biesheuvel's literary production slowed down significantly due to a writer's block and manic-depressive phases.

Selected works[edit]

  • In de bovenkooi (1972)
  • Reis door mijn kamer (1984)
  • Godencirkel (1986)



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