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Dr Maarten Joost Maria Christenhusz (born 27 April 1976) is a Dutch botanist and plant photographer. He was born in Enschede, the Netherlands, received his undergraduate and master's degrees from Utrecht University, and earned his PhD from the University of Turku, Finland in 2007.[1] He is an authority on fern and gymnosperm classification[2] and is the current elected president of the International Association of Pteridologists. He lives in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, UK.

He is the former chief editor and initiator of the botanical journal Phytotaxa and an associate editor for manuscripts on pteridophytes for the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.[1] He has an interest in island biogeography, floristic treatments and plant taxonomy.[1]

Several vascular plant families (Petenaeaceae, Hemidictyaceae, Diplaziopsidaceae), genera (Dracoglossum, Nesolindsaea, Osmolindsaea) and species (Hymenophyllum filmenofilicum, Danaea antillensis, D. arbuscula, D. cartilaginea, D. chococola, D. danaëpinna, D. draco, D. epiphytica, Danaea kalevala, D. leussinkiana, D. lingua-cervina, D. quebradensis, D. riparia, D. trinitatensis, D. ushana, D. vivax, D. xenium, D. ypori, D. zamiopsis, Piper ciliomarginatum, Tetranema michaelfayanum), were named by him or together with colleagues. Recently a species of Moraceae from Kenya, Dorstenia christenhuszii was named after its discoverer.[3]


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