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Town and former municipality
Maasbree Dorpsstraat.jpg
Flag of Maasbree
Coat of arms of Maasbree
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 51°21′N 6°03′E / 51.350°N 6.050°E / 51.350; 6.050
Country Netherlands
Province Limburg
Municipality Peel en Maas
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Maasbree (About this sound pronunciation ) is a former municipality and a town in southeastern Netherlands. Until 1818, the municipality was just called "Bree".[1]

Population centres[edit]


In the Middle Ages Maasbree and Baarlo belonged to the duchy of Guelders. Around 1702, at the time of the War of the Spanish Succession Maasbree was occupied by Prussia and remained Prussian until 1814. In 1815 Maasbree became part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Maasbree used to be a fiefdom with a castle called Huis Bree, which has meanwhile disappeared.

The punk rock group Sex Pistols performed at Maf Centrum on December 11, 1977 as part of their Dutch Tour. This would be the last date of the tour, as the final 2 dates in Winschoten and Rotterdam were cancelled.

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Coordinates: 51°21′N 6°03′E / 51.350°N 6.050°E / 51.350; 6.050


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